DawaatELazeez Food Festival

Know all about DawaatELazeez Food Festival, inspired from the lanes of Mohammed Ali Road, perfect during Ramadan. Know all about it

Experience China at Imperial China

Experience China while dining at Imperial China. The restaurant launched an all new menu to celebrate Hilton Mumbai’s milestone of heading towards their 100th year celebration. Know all about it here

Unlimited Family Thali in Mumbai

Unlimited Family Thali in Mumbai each day has a different menu to relish different flavours on each visit and pleasantly awake your taste buds.

Experience LIVE Music in Mumbai

Experience LIVE Music in Mumbai. Along with In-house brewed beers, romantic ambiance along with wide variety of food options. Read all about it here

Perfect Party Place in Dadar

Perfect Party Place – Dadar. Where food is delicious, generous in portion size. It’s buzzing with people, music perfect spot to party, chill and celebrate.

Soy Complete Source of Protein

Soy Complete Source of Protein is the best plant-based protein in terms of quality and health benefits. Know all about Soy here

Mejwani Maharashtrachi Food Festival

Mejwani Maharashtrachi Food Festival lets you discover rare gastronomic delicacy. Enjoy the authentic flavours with leisure, luxury and comfort.

24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai

24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai for a relaxing evening, topped with efficient and ever smiling staff to make special day even more special.

Probiotics – Promoting healthy lifestyle

In a world of constant travel, be it for leisure or business or social commitments. We live in times where we are constantly on the go. So much so that our eating habits and consumption pattern goes for a toss. We eat out more times than we eat in. And, such a lifestyle has led…