My Regular Place – Dadar

MRP, in all sense is my regular place to visit. As it has the aura, making even the mundane into happening. A perfect place to dance, chill, drink and party is located at Dadar East, about 2 mins walking distance from the Station.

As you enter, the wall on the center has quirky tags. It’s lively, with beautiful chandeliers, Jenga and other games to make your evening much more interesting.

We started with the following:
Feng Shui Pot – This is a whiskey based cocktail. The combination of cherry bitters and Whiskey is amazing. You must definitely order this. 

Tiki Torii Cocktail and Tiki Torii Mocktail

Tiki Torii – This is a rum based cocktail. Here you will find cranberry and pineapple along with a trio of rums. A definite must in this weather. Also, presentation wise, this drink is quite insta-worthy.
The Unexpected – This is a mocktail which has a variety of combinations like hazelnut, cranberry and pineapple. Quite refreshing to start your meal with.

In appetizers, we had, Trio French fries, three flavours of fries like salted, Peri Peri is served with a combination of green chutney and Mayonnaise. Nothing better than fries. Always!!

Red Pepper Paneer: Fresh chunks of Cottage Cheese are tossed in red pepper along with bell pepper and onions.

Koliwada Prawns: Here the prawns are deep fried in chili batter and served with green chutney. Fresh and delicious for sure.

Big Bowl Nachos: Here, unlike the regular tortilla chips. They use wonton nachos topped with cheese sauce, beans, tomato salsa, garnished with flavourful mutton kheema. An absolute must to order. 

For mains, we tried,  Chicken Triple Makhani Bowl: The traditional makhani gravy cooked with a generous amount of chicken chunks and terriyaki rice, garnished with fried noodles. The modern tadka to this traditional dish was quite on point and is highly recommended.

Pan Fried Noodles: The noodles are tossed in black pepper gravy loaded with veggies. Perfect for Chinese lovers

Lastly, we had Drunken Chocolate Sundae: This chocolate loaded dessert had home-made ice cream, chocolate Mousse, brownie crumbs, for me the caramel popcorn were a little off, but overall it was quite filling

Kunal and Vishal, were the perfect host for us, who helped us with suggestions and took care of our table, even when the place was buzzing with so many people.
All the dishes served were half the real portion size, the food at MRP is delicious, generous in portion size and place buzzing with people and music, making it the perfect spot to party, chill and celebrate

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