5 Must Visit Places in Anegundi, Karnataka

When you’re exploring Hampi, don’t forget to keep a day aside to explore a little offbeat yet enticing place called Anegundi, also known as Anegondi. ‘Ane’ in Kannada means an Elephant. ‘Gundi’ means a ‘pit’. Since the place was used to bath elephants during the Vijayanagara Empire in 1336.

Mentioning below are the 5 Must Visit Places in Anegundi, Karnataka.

5 Must Visit Places in Anegundi Karnataka

The place is surrounded by hills on three sides and by river Tungabhadra on the remaining side.

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How to reach:

Air, You can either land at Toranagallu about 65 km away, or Bellary about 74 km away
Rail: Hospet railway station is about 13 km away
Bus: Private buses stop at Hospet or Hampi which is at about 43.2  Kms away.

Coracle ride at Sanapur Lake
Coracle ride at Sanapur Lake
Sanapur Lake
Sanapur Lake

We started our exploration with Sanapur Lake:

The natural lake has a stunning boulder hill all around. It is serene and despicable, yet not a famous tourist spot. The lake is known for its Coracle ride, which is a must here. The locals offer this ride who is humble and friendly. The travel to the lake is equally beautiful with wide roads and banana plantations.

Pampa Sarovar - 5 Must Visit Places in Anegundi Karnataka
Pampa Sarovar

Pampa Sarovar:  

The Lake lies in the charming valley at the south of the Tungabhadra River. It is known to be one of the five holy lakes in India. It wouldn’t take more than an hour of your visit time. The best time to visit is from November to December when you can see the lake filled with blossom Lotus.

Anjanadri Hill Betta
Anjanadri Hill Betta
Lord Hanuman Temple - 5 Must Visit Places in Anegundi Karnataka
Lord Hanuman Temple
Total steps for Anjanadri Hill Betta - 5 Must Visit Places in Anegundi Karnataka
Total steps for Anjanadri Hill Betta

Next is Anjanadri Hill Betta:

This is supposedly the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Therefore, Anjanadra is named after the Anjana Devi, Mother of Hanuman. So, The temple is on the top of the hill, which is 575 steps high. It would take about 2 hours to climb up and reach the temple. The view from the top is astounding, also known for the sunset. It’s advisable to visit there during the evening, so after you climb up the stairs, you can pause and enjoy the sunset.

These 5 Must Visit Places in Anegundi, Karnataka should be in your bucket list.

A trip to Hampi- is incomplete without exploring Anegundi. So don’t forget to explore this offbeat yet enticing location. This can serve as a great change before or after exploring the Ruins. You can hire a taxi, rickshaw, or a car to explore the place without much trouble. So what are you exploring next?

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Keep traveling, keep exploring!

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