Imperial China at Hilton Hotel Mumbai

Let the food help you travel across the country. Experience China while dining at Imperial China. The restaurant launched an all new menu to celebrate Hilton Mumbai’s milestone of heading towards their 100th year celebration.

The restaurant architecture is a lively blend of colonial design with contemporary features, reflecting a European influence.    The roof of the place has  moving Chinese fans, while the fine-dining is in brown and white hues.

The staff is very cordial and attentive to take care of your needs and make sure your visit is thoroughly looked after.

This is what all I tried; started with red wine and mocktail called strawberry field, both of which were quite refreshing and goes well with the food.

Chicken imperial dragon soup

Chicken imperial dragon soup – This is a thick creamy soup which has the right texture and taste. It is not spicy at all but has good taste.

Smoked chicken

Smoked chicken – wood smoked  boneless chicken chunks were tossed with burnt garlic. The best part was the aftertaste which was indeed smoky. Highly recommended.

Duck stir fry

Duck stir fry – Here the fried duck was cooked in lemon grass essence and served along with thai chillies. Duck  meat tends to be a bit chewy but amazing indeed.

Teriyaki Atlantic Salmon – This fish mains had Pan Atlantic salmon cooked in teriyaki sauce. Perhaps this was the best we had for the night. This was served with veggies and quite flavourful.

Seafood Hotpot – If you want a variety of seafood then look no more. This one has prawns, lobster meat, squids along with some veggies like baby corn etc, which were tossed and cooked in chilli oyster sauce. Spicy and amazing.

Vegetable Hot Basil Rice – To accompany both the fish mains, we opted for hot basil rice. This is a bit spicy and goes very well with the gravy options or otherwise. I totally loved this.

Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream – The dessert is served in a tempura fried shell which opens to expose vanilla ice cream inside, which is garnished with cut regular and  green apples. Really, a sweet end to our meal.

For more details or reservation:
Imperial China, Hilton Mumbai International Airport,
Sahar International Airport Road, Chakala, Mumbai
Call: 022 2838 0000
Cost for two: INR 3500-4000

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