Mejwani Maharashtrachi Food Festival – Radisson Goregoan

There are a few irresistible dishes representing Maharashtra’ s ethos, best seen in the long lost authentic Maharashtrain dishes, only found in selected regions. The spirit of the state’s most scrumptious dishes, can now be experienced at Radisson Goregaon. Mejwani Maharashtrachi at 180 degree only at Radisson, which lets you discover rare gastronomic delicacy. Enjoy the authentic flavours with leisure, luxury and comfort.

We began our exploration with the 3 live counter options available.
Non-veg Missal – Yes, the non veg missal is the real deal. Surprised with what we found, I was happy to see minced meat being added to your regular spicy missal. The end result was really good. For those who love Missal and meat, this mixture is sure to make you happy. The spice continues to be consistent! 
Nagpuri Tarri Pohe
Nagpuri Tarri Pohe
Nagpuri Tarri Pohe – I love my Kande Pohe and hence expected a normal Kande Pohe! But here, there is more to it than meets the eye. You have the usual Poha being served with a spicy Gravy which is thick and added along with channa and sev. Yes, this becomes a heavy dish! 
Pudachi Vadi – This is a special from the Vidarbha region. This is a pocket shaped snack which is fried and spicy. It’s really good. 
Stuffed Pomfret
Stuffed Pomfret
Stuffed Pomfret – Who wouldn’t like a stuffed Pomfret. The masala stuffed within this Pomfret is not more on the spicy side. It’s really tasty and we couldnt resist until this was complete. 
Popti – It’s not usual to find this in a food festival. Probably the first time something as such is being presented. Popti is a preparation where the vegetables and chicken is boiled, marinated with masala and is cooked in a matka wrapped in banana leaf. Yes, this traditional cooking is then served. The taste is amazing!
Sukka Mutton
Sukka Mutton
Along with the perfect starters, they also have quite a variety of mains and Maharashtrachi influenced desserts like Sukka Mutton (Highly recommended), Savji Chicken, Bombil Batatyache Kalwan.
In desserts, you do see quite a huge spread, must try is their Mango Mastani and Gulab Jamun.
The Maharashtrain food connoisseurs had come together to give us the Mejwani Maharashtrachi food festival, which is on till 8th December. So make the most of it till it lasts.
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  1. Omar Azami says:

    This made me miss the festival more now. Next time attending it for sure.

  2. Sudhir says:

    Nice Article

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Thanks 🙂

  3. AB Digs In! says:

    Had never heard of some of the dishes. Such a revelation ?

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