Tresind BKC – Best 9 Course Meal

From capturing the audience in Dubai and Kuwait, Tresind has opened its doors in India within the ever-bustling location of BKC. They have brought along modern Indian progressive cuisine, so all the foodies can enjoy. Tresind just launched their new menu which serves a mouth-watering 9 course meal. 

A little ahead toward your left is a huge fully stocked bar, having almost everything. The restaurant is grand, comforting and is a sensory delight to all your senses. The 9 Course meal is designed in such a way that will make you fall in love with the food at each course. This is perfect for celebrating your most important occasions or to just pamper yourself. It’s a place that no one should definitely MISS.

Our 9 Course meal comprised of the following:

Snack Box

Snack Box: Pani Puri Bingsu, DahiChaat, Veg Pumpkin Bao and Gulab Jamun Shell. What we liked the most was that the taste was not at all compromised. It tasted exactly like we have in our regular places. They never made any option lose its essence.

Chaat Ceviche

Chaat Ceviche: This will make you forget your regular chaat and we are absolutely not kidding ?

Indian Fried Chicken

Indian Fried Chicken: Chicken is topped with boondi and served on a bed of Chicken tikka masala, I licked the whole gravy too. Like the Indian fried chicken, this one too was amazing.

Lamb Khari

Lamb Khari: Minced lamb stuffed between the Khari and topped with onion. Served with nihari gravy.

Tandoori Prawn Benedict

Tandoori Prawn Benedict: King sized tandoori prawns are served on English bread and served with a cream on the side. What we liked here was the taste!

Gujarati Farsan

Gujarati Farsan: It’s Khandvi served with Chilli alongside Khandvi ice cream. I bet you wouldn’t leave anything. This acts more like a Palate cleanser before you start your mains.

Kosha Mangsho and Ghugni

Kosha Mangsho and Ghugni: From Bengal they have the Kosha Mangsho, mutton gravy, served with Ghugni from Bihar, along with Spinach puri and green peas puri.

Khichdi of India

Khichdi of India: The regular khichdi is mixed with 20 ingredients from 20 different regions of India, namely, Saffron, green apple, papaya chutney, pickle, peanut chutney, curry leaves, black pepper, gum powder, gongura pickle, Biryani masala, paneer, scallions, chanajor garam, sesame seeds, spinach, raw mango, butter, ghee, chillies and mustard oil. We loved the presentation where they displayed every added ingredient in small bowls and placed them on India’s map! it’s worth trying this out.

Charnamrit Kheer: The rich flavourful kheer is like an amrit in itself.

Palang Tod

Palang Tod: There is one bowl of sweet dish having milk cake, a very small kullad of saffron milk, and two miniature Paan. Perfect to end your meal. You need to start with the milk cake and then have the saffron milk like a palate cleanser and finish it with the paan.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say, that Tresind for me is the one of best restaurants that I have visited in 2019 yet.

Their service is outstanding, with the staff explaining the minute details of each of the dish every time they serve. Reservations are a must here.

Cost for the 9 Course meal: Veg (2000+taxes) and Non-Veg (2200+taxes)

Enjoy Eating!!

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