Shawarma and More at Fort

For Shawarma and more at Fort. visit Carters Blue. Treat yourself with some appetizing Lebanese, Mughlai and Chinese cuisine, while smoking your stress out.

Barrel & Co in Andheri

Visit Barrel & Co in Andheri, and barrel yourself out of the mundane, into fun filled environment. Know everything about the lounge in Andheri

Sheesha Sky Lounge in Bandra

Sheesha Sky Lounge in Bandra, a perfect place for a great hangout, while munching into some traditional Mughlai flavors and smoking your anxiety out.

Sheesha lounge in Khar

Sheesha lounge in Khar gives perfect visual pleasure possible, lounge area is perfect to be enjoyed with friends, and dine area to be explored with family.

Sheesha and Clubbing Place in Bandra

Casa Vito, a great place to chill, party and dance the night out with your friends, as the place is usually open till the wee hours of the day.

Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel

Visit Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel with your Sheesha gang to enjoy some quality time together, while munching on some delicious vegetarian food.

Sheesha Lounge in Malad

Sheesha Lounge in Malad has a more relaxing outing, coupled with Sheesha and drinks. Go when you have ample time. Know all about the lounge here.

Best Dancing Place in Juhu

Best Dancing Place in Juhu. This is a perfect place to dance, smoke, chill and repeat! Know all about what to expect and where it is here.