Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel

Life is all about inhaling the stress, anxiety, and exhaling contentment and happiness, after all we become what we inhale and exhale. With the same thought, I visited the newly opened Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel, located in Raghuvanshi Mills just about 1.8 km from the Lower Parel station.

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Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel
Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel

Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel

About the At the entrance you have some rock, quirky posters, British flag and an A.K 47 Sheesha on display. The entrance does make it, for a great picture clicking spot. The Sheesha lounge is huge, it has group tables, personal tables, bean bags, couches, find your comfort and settle anywhere. It also has two TV screens to watch some entertainment. What I really liked is the kind of Bollywood music it plays, that totally sets your mood.

Blueberry Zaffran
Blueberry Zaffran

We started, by ordering a Blueberry Zaffran.

The Sheesha was smooth, with dense flow. The coals were change periodically, with someone being there, when required.

 Sixers at Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel

We then called for mocktails like the Sixers:

The mocktails are serve in shot glasses; this one comes in 6 different flavours to try on, like the Strawberry, Litchi, Kiwi, Pineapple, Black currant and Orange. Call for this when in a group and enjoy some harmless shots 😉

Shot tower at Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel
Shot tower

Next we tried, the Shot tower:

In Litchy flavor, the tower was fill with Litchi syrup, soda and lime juice. It’s quite refreshing.

4 In one Pizza
4 In one Pizza

4 In one Pizza:

They serve 8 Slices of pizza’s in 4 different variant. From the traditional cheese margarita, to cheese capsicum, to corn, olives and capsicum cheese. It’s a great pick as you get to try variety while ordering only one.

Sichuan Marble
Sichuan Marble

Sichuan Marble:

The traditional corn-cheese balls, are toss in Manchurian gravy. Having onions and capsicum chunks, different and delicious for sure. Don’t order this hoping for crunchy cheese balls.

Nachos with Fusion - Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel
Nachos with Fusion

Nachos with Fusion:

The regular tortilla chips are top with slices of red, yellow and green capsicum. With the Manchurian gravy and Manchurian balls in the centre, serve with cheese sauce.

Achari Paneer at Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel
Achari Paneer

Achari Paneer:

Fresh cubes of Paneer with perfect tanginess of the pickle, served on the bed of shredded cabbage, with chunks of capsicum between each cube.

Cold Coffee with Ice Cream
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream

At the end, we called for a Cold Coffee with Ice Cream:

The coffee can wake you up, as such food has chances to make you feel dosy.

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Overall, Exhale Sheesha Lounge in Lower Parel with your Sheesha gang to enjoy some quality time together, while munching on some delicious vegetarian food.

For more details or reservations:
Exhale, Ground Floor, 11/12, Raghuvanshi Mills,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Call: 075065 38692
Cost for two: INR 1100-1200

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