Barrel & Co in Andheri

If you see an empty Barrel, what would you wish it to be filled with?
Last weekend, I visited this place, heaven for Barrel lovers, from wooden to aluminum, small to big, you see barrels of different sizes and shapes, making the whole place elevate a level above. The décor of a place, says a lot, it was happening and comfortable at the same time, and I am talking about Barrel & Co in Andheri about 3.7 km from the Andheri Station.

Barrel & Co in Andheri

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Barrel & Co in Andheri

All about Barrel & Co in Andheri

The barrel door opens into a spacious spacing, which is usually filled with people dancing all over the place, with a bar at the center, having its own brewing, filled with international and national brands. There are cage seating and a private section that can accommodate 20-25 people for private parties and get-together.

Barrel & Co in Andheri

Barrel and company have their own brewing, and we tried their Beer tester having the following, and here is what my friend felt.

Beer Testers

Belgian Wit: The wit is always a star favorite. It’s wheaty and decent for those who don’t like bitter beer.
Hopfenweizen: A bit tangy and really bitter. This one can challenge the pale ale, but not that bitter.
Bavarian bouquet: A German special, this is different from the usual, you have in Brewery outlets. Not on the bitter side.
Strout Coffee beer: There’s a thing about coffee and beer. There’s a taste like never before. It’s tasty and highly recommended.
They are also coming up with apple cider. That’s going to be fruity and will surely be a hit.

Mint Julep
Mint Julep

In cocktails, my friend tried, Mint Julep:

Whiskey based cocktail with mint, lime, and sugar. It’s more of a slush based drink and is smooth!

Whisky sour (with egg)
Whiskey sour (with egg)

Whiskey sour (with egg):

The traditional whiskey sour is always a drink to try for any whiskey lover. The egg added did enhance its taste. Highly recommended.

Peanut Butter Martini at Barrel & Co in Andheri
Peanut Butter Martini

In mocktails, I had a Peanut Butter Martini:

A strong taste of peanut butter, along with vanilla and chocolate syrup, its thick, heavy, and a must for peanut lovers.

Hot and Spicy Barel
Hot and Spicy Barel

Hot and Spicy Barel:

Quite unique having Wasabi and Litchi, with each sip it gives you the wasabi taste with spicy after effects.

Bombil Popcorn at Barrel & Co in Andheri
Bombil Popcorn

Bombil Popcorn:

The boneless bombil as popcorn was crunchy, flavourful, and delicious for sure, the Siracha Mayonnaise makes it delectable, highly recommended.

Mediterranean Chicken Tikka
Mediterranean Chicken Tikka

Mediterranean Chicken Tikka:

Juicy grilled chicken chunks are served with Cumin Humus in the center and beet flavored Pita, which makes it look like a salami.

Prawns Sui Mai at Barrel & Co in Andheri
Prawns Sui Mai

Prawns Sui Mai:

The translucent Dimsums had flavourful prawns on the inside, served with soya and chili soya sauce.

BBQ Smoked Chicken
BBQ Smoked Chicken

BBQ Smoked Chicken:

The nicely done thin crust pizza with BBQ sauce, cheese was topped with Chicken, Onion, and Japaleno. It was slightly sweet and spicy and goes well with the drinks.

Qayyum Shaikh, Assistant relationship manager
Qayyum Shaikh, Assistant relationship manager

The service staff does make or break your experience; Qayyum Shaikh, the ever-smiling Assistant relationship manager, did enhance our overall experience, he and his staff were there when needed.

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Visit Barrel & Co in Andheri, and barrel yourself out of the mundane, into a fun-filled environment.

I had visited on a Saturday, for a brunch, when the place was decently occupied. We will visit for dinner soon to experience the happening nightlife. Until then, follow my food journey.

For more details or reservations:
Barrel & Co, Ground Floor, Kotia Nirman,
Near Fun Republic, New Link Road, Veera Desai Area, Mumbai
Call: 022 26364000
022 26365000

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