Sheesha Lounge in Malad

Having a huge bunch of friends is a blessing and a curse as you then need to meet them all and cherish your friendship, in the struggle to keep up with everyone, all my weekend calls for eating and hanging out, and this quest makes me want to explore more and more places. With the same intention we decided to pay a visit to the newly opened Sheesha Lounge in Malad called Amuse, located on the link road, Amuse is just about 3 kms from the Malad Station.

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Amuse done by Chef and Consultant KM Saif, who knows how to amuse people with his culinary magic, better known for his creations like The Little Door, Flip Bar, Oozo Bar & Kitchen, Hungry J.D, The Fusion Kitchen and much more.

About Sheesha Lounge in Malad

The Resto bar is 3 storey, ground floor. The lounge is dim as it’s suppose to be, with focus lightings and bar counter, having brown wooden furnishings. The first floor more like a fine dining has off-white velvet upholstery with a red popping table in the middle. The top floor is the rooftop place. Which is in the Shamiyana style, with maroon upholstery having comfortable bolsters.

We start by calling for Sheesha. We begin with double-apple, and kiwi mint, both the Sheesha smooth and properly done.

Dragon Fruit Mojito
Dragon Fruit Mojito

We called for; Dragon Fruit Mojito:

Unique, this kind of combination is something I have tasted for the first time, it has muddled Dragon fruit, mint and lime, topped with crushed ice, sprite, and balls of Dragon fruits, highly recommended for its taste.

Chicken Yemenite Soup
Chicken Yemenite Soup

Chicken Yemenite Soup:

Directly from Yemen. The Yemeni soup has traditional Yemeni spices loaded with shredded chicken. Light soup, which is full of bursting flavors and thoroughly delicious.

Macho Nachos
Macho Nachos

Macho Nachos:

The Saif special Spinach flavor nachos. Further top with cheese sauce, beans, Jalapeno, Bell peppers, Onion, Tomato, Green onion. Also loaded with Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese. It’s delicious and quite heavy, so order accordingly.

Kotopoulo Me Feta
Kotopoulo Me Feta

Kotopoulo Me Feta:

The Greek dish has tender Chicken chunks tossed with spicy feta chili cream sauce, served with shredded veggies and olives. Just one word – luscious.


Kjebchinja (Pronounced as kebab_ cheena):

Directly from the Balkan, on the plate. We had Chicken and lamb finger kebab on one side. Taratur, which is yogurt, cucumber, and walnut dip, on the other. Then you have Shopska Salad, served with Luti  Pepperki which is chili roast in tandoor style.

Maqluba (Veg)
Maqluba (Veg)

In the mains we had, Maqluba (Veg):

The traditional Jordanian & Palestinian dish. It’s serve upside down, top with roast cauliflower, potato slices, eggplant slices and tomato slices. Flavor with Middle- Eastern spices. My personal favorite from the brunch must try!

Aji de pollo
Aji de pollo

Aji de pollo:

This Peruvian delight has a base of shredded chicken cooked in spicy yellow pepper walnut cream sauce. It’s serve with thoroughly cook saffron rice & sautéed veggies, a complete delightful meal.

Suicidal Brownie Shake
Suicidal Brownie Shake

Lastly, we had, Suicidal Brownie Shake:

The base of the shake has crumbled brownie milk, whipped cream, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, garnished with brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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Sheesha Lounge in Malad called Amuse. Is  for a more relaxing outing, couple with Sheesha and drinks. Go when you have ample time, as the service is a bit slow.

For more information and reservation:
Amuse  Bar, Next to Hyundai Showroom,
Near Vijay Industrial Estate, Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai
Call: 022 33956051
Cost for two:  INR 1100-1200

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  1. Geeta maa says:

    Excited to meet u again… beautifully written

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      For sure, will catch up again super soon!!

  2. Milda Abnet says:

    There is more iron in parley than meat and easier for your body to absorb. It is a myth you need to eat meat iron or protein. Much better to get from vegie sources.

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