Best Dancing Place in Juhu

Some places become special just because of the comfort and contentment they make us feel, such a place becomes our Adda, something where our gang catches up and spends most time at. One such place that I found recently is R’Adda. Best Dancing Place in Juhu, very close to the Juhu beach at about 3 km away from the Villa Parle Station and the DN Nagar Metro Station.

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Best Dancing Place in Juhu
Best Dancing Place in Juhu

The place is located on the top floor of the building, on entering you have a fully stocked bar on your left and the lounge area for dancing on the front, with pub tables in wooden furnishing all around. Quirky quotes on the wall, interesting culinary and color-popping objects in between.

Best Dancing Place in Juhu

About Best Dancing Place in Juhu

Ahead is the Sheesha section. In rectangular shape, serving nice sheeshas. The staff themselves are Sheesha fans. Which depicts in every action, the way they serve. Take care of Sheesha’s needs. We had Pan Salsa, which was mild, smooth and the staff was taking care to change coal or blow the flavor pot, on a regular basis.

Hukkah Lemonade
Hukkah Lemonade

We started with Hukkah Lemonade:

A perfect blend of famous hukkah flavours mixed together like Paan, Greenapple, Lemonade and lime juice, garnished with a lemon and mint, perfect for refreshing taste. Try it!

Best Dancing Place in Juhu
Safe Sex on Beach

Safe Sex on Beach:

A semi thick mocktail is a mix of Cranberry, Orange,  Hazelnut and Peach, its garnished with a slice of Orange.

Thai Basil Chicken at Best Dancing Place in Juhu
Thai Basil Chicken

Thai Basil Chicken:

Chicken chunks are toss with garlic, ginger. Serve with Lemon grass basil, white sesame seeds, fried red chili and basil leave.

Cheese Corn Nuggets
Cheese Corn Nuggets

Cheese Corn Nuggets:

The filling is cheesy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, due to deep frying, served with spicy mayonnaise.

Chili Chicken fry
Chili Chicken fry

Chili Chicken fry:

The base is of sliced red cabbage. Top with tender fried chicken chunks. Serve with Spring Onions, Capsicum and Onions toss in Thai and chili mix sauce.

Angry Bird (Pizza) at Best Dancing Place in Juhu
Angry Bird (Pizza)

Angry Bird (Pizza):

The thin based crunchy Pizza is cover with a layer of mozzarella cheese. Top with Chicken chunks, Capsicum, Jalapeño, Onion. Further top with peri peri sauce for the spicy tadka.

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream
Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream

Lastly, we call for, Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream:

Hot chocolate is top with fresh brownie. Which is garnish with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream.

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Best Dancing Place in Juhu. R’adda, a place perfect to dance, smoke, chill, and repeat!

For more information and reservations:
R’Adda, Ramee Guestline Hotel, 462,
A B Nair Road, Juhu, Mumbai.
Call: +91 9833751034
+91 9967420000
Cost for two: 1200-1400

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