7 Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie

The city of Dehradun is the nearest main connecting hub to pass by if you’re traveling to either of Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar or other areas within Uttarakhand. If you reach Dehradun via railways, all you need to do is exit the station and walk for 2 minutes to reach the bus station. Here a bus leaves every 15 minutes for Mussoorie.  The buses are comfortable and per person charges are INR 60. This is considered to be 1 of the best and economical ways to reach Mussoorie. Yes, you can cover the distance from Dehradun to Mussoorie in 1.5 hours. For those who don’t wish to take the bus, there are private cab services which charge around 1500-2000 for one cab for 3-4 people max.  Listing below are the 7 Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie.

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Now we must tell you that the way towards Mussoorie is steep and has loads of curves and turns. If you’re the kind with travel sickness, make sure that you have an apt medicine or Khatti-Meethi toffees to make yourself feel better. 

Prom Tip: Eat light en route on this journey as it’s filled with ghats.

Being a hill station, Mussoorie has been blessed with pleasant and a colder climate that lasts almost throughout the year. Summers are pleasant and if traveling in winters, PLEASE make sure you opt for heaters in the rooms and give some time to yourself to acclimatize and get comfortable.

I spent an entire day roaming in the nearby lanes of the famous “Mall road” to get used to the cold. But trust me, it was a tough task. Post 6 pm, the weather just kept getting colder and colder. So much so, that it would be impossible to lose your gloves even for a minute. 

On the 2nd day, I planned to start early and make the most of the sunlight and pleasant temperature. I could only visit a few nearby places and must admit that being a typical Mumbaikar, I can’t bear cold at all.

7 Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie are listed below.

1. Mall road

Our first choice would be the central hub of Mussoorie i.e. the “Mall Road”. Whether you wish to hire a cab, board a bus, shop in the market area or eat, everything is at a walking distance on this road. There is a stretch of shopping stores where you can find all winter wear essentials in case you need more or had forgotten any of it.

Firstly, There are ample Tea, Maggie & omelet points where you can satiate any hunger pangs. Secondly, there are tons of cafes and restaurants all located at a walking distance from here. Mind you, there are multi-varied cuisines for every customer. Lastly, apart from restaurants, there are winery shops, sheesha flavors, cigarettes, name it and you will get it here.

Time to Explore: Roughly 1 hour
Cost: Free entry 

Char Dukan Cafe, Landour
Char Dukan Cafe, Landour

2. Char Dukan Cafe, Landour

If you ever visit Mussoorie, this must be on your list. Situated in Landour that’s roughly 3-4 km away from Mall road, you can either use a scooter/bike or reach within 25 minutes. If you plan to walk and explore the route on the way to Char Dukan, it can take 60 minutes of walking. 

The walk is uphill & full of steep curves. But it’s worth it as you can get to view some of the best landscapes ever. On reaching the top, you will understand why Char Dukan is called Char Dukan. It is because there is a combination of 4 cafes that are tucked in together.

You can get amazing food options like Waffles, omelet along with their famous drink Lemon-Ginger-Honey. Moreover, what makes this place more special is that tons of celebrities have visited this place like Sachin Tendulkar.

Time to Explore: 30-45 Mins
Cost: 200 per person

St. Paul's Church, Landour
St. Paul’s Church, Landour

3. St. Paul’s Church, Landour:

Once you’ve reached Char Dukan, there’s a historic church built in the early 1800s. Likewise, the church looks beautiful, calm and serene. There’s a garden area outside where you can just sit and be calm. 

Time to Explore: 30-45 Mins
Cost: Free entry

Lal Tibba Scenic Point
Lal Tibba Scenic Point

4. Lal Tibba Scenic Point

Apart from St. Paul’s church, there’s another scenic beauty that’s just a 10-minute walk away from Char Dukan. This point is called the Lal Tibba Scenic Point. On the way, you see some beautiful, extremely tall trees.

The spot is scenic and picturesque to another level. However, the point has two cafes opposite to each other, where they have the observation deck with a telescope on the rooftop of the café. From this point, one can see the Himalayas. But we would suggest you to visit this place as early as possible from 10 am-12 pm when the sky is clear.

Time to Explore: 30-45 Mins
Cost: Free or INR 50 if you wish to use the telescope

Klick Café Lal Tibba
Klick Café Lal Tibba

5. Klick Café Lal Tibba

This café offers beautiful views and amazing mouth-watering food. They also run different promotional offers. One would charge INR 50 for the entry but if you happen to order any item from the menu, you get one entry free. Also, some cafes give you free entry to use the telescope and view Lal Tibba Scenic Point. Above all, totally recommend this place for lunch. The items are quite filling and tasty. Do try their burgers and thick shakes and enjoy free entry to the observation deck on the rooftop.

Time to Explore:1 hour
Cost: INR 250 per person

Little Llama Café
Little Llama Café

6. Little Llama Café:

The Llama café is within walking distance from the Mall Road. Moreover, this two-floored Café has everything fresh, serves delicious food and tastes amazing. Further, the Café has one of the best beautiful décors with wooden hues and fairy lights. Lastly, do try their freshly-baked muffins, pastries, and pizzas for sure. The service is a tad bit slow, so make sure you have enough time before you head here.

Address: 1, London House, Near Union Church, Picture Palace, Kulri, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 24874
Time to Explore:2 hours
Cost: INR 500 per person

AAP Kaa Ahaar Restaurant
AAP Kaa Ahaar Restaurant

7. AAP Kaa Ahaar Restaurant:

This restaurant is located right on the main mall road area. Like Little Llama, this too is a two-floored fine-dining restaurant with wooden furniture. We tried their Indian-Chinese options but every visit would be incomplete without soups. Further, do try their Thukpa as it’s almost a meal in itself and various other soups like Manchow. Moreover, it’s perfect and goes well with your body in this extreme cold. A perfect value for money kind of a place!

Address: Aap Kaa Ahaar Restaurant, Picture Palace, 3, The Mall Rd, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248001
Time to Explore:1 hour
Cost: INR 300 per person

These are the 7 best places to visit in Mussoorie which I have handpicked on my recent 2 days trip to Mussoorie. Likewise, which is your favorite place? Please do share in the comments below.

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Happy Travelling!

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