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As a beach baby, I love to explore as many beaches as I can in India. Every year is a beach(y) year for me. This year, I decided to visit the next beach city in my list i.e. Gokarna, which is a small town near the Arabian Sea, located in the south western Indian state of Karnataka.

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Gokarna is easily accessible through various routes. Further, By train, you can travel till the “Gokarna Road” Station if you take the Matsyagandha Express. From station, the Gokarna Beach is just 10 kms away, which is just a 15-20 minute drive, as there is no traffic and the roads are almost empty during the day.

If travelling from Mumbai, you can take the Mangalore express (Train no 12133) which halts at Kumta for about 2 minutes and takes about 12-13 hours to cover approximately 900-950 KMS. From Kumta, you can take a local bus which will not cost you more than 30 rupees and 35 minutes to reach Gokarna bus stand. By road, one can take a direct bus till Gokarna or go by car, which is about 12-13 hours of driving to reach this offbeat location, which is now becoming a tourist hub!

Gokarna is a small town just like Pondicherry and is about 2.5 kms, where people still live in a simple way. Moreover, you would hardly see air-conditioners in houses along with any modern amenities. So here you can be close to nature and live a simple life which is eco-friendly. The restaurants here shut by 3 in the afternoon and then restart from 6.30pm to 10pm in the night. This is what I experienced during my stay in July which falls in the monsoon season.

However, the climate was very pleasant, and it would rain for just about 5-10 mins in between making travel and exploration hassle-free.

Visit Gokarna at any time except the monsoons as most of the beaches are shut by the coast guard due to high alert. So travel safe, smart and travel during non-monsoon period only

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