Day 1 in Amritsar

Explore Amritsar by foot and explore these 5 must-visit places. Here are the top 5 places that you can visit on day 1 in Amritsar. Read all about them

One day in Dilki Delhi

I have handpicked these places after traveling to the city at least 5 times and listed the best places to explore in a one day trip to Delhi. Read to know more

Pondicherry: All About it

Travelling to Pondicherry. Know how to travel, what to see and what to avoid during your trip to Pondicherry/Puducherry in India

Gokarna – 5 beaches to Visit

Know all about the beaches of Gokarna, how to reach there, what all to explore and what to expect during your travel to this beautiful location.

Gokarna – All about it

As a beach baby, I love to explore as many beaches as I can in India. Every year is a beach(y) year for me. This year, I decided to visit the next beach city in my list i.e. Gokarna, which is a small town near the Arabian Sea, located in the south western Indian state…

Anegundi – Offbeat yet mandatory visit in Karnataka

When you’re exploring Hampi, don’t forget to keep a day aside to explore a little offbeat yet enticing place called Anegundi, also known as Anegondi. ‘Ane’ in Kannada means an Elephant. ‘Gundi’ means a ‘pit’. Since, the place was used to bath elephant’s during the Vijayanagara Empire in 1336. The place is surrounded by hills…

Dapoli – All about Beaches

Maharashtra and its coastal belt, is indeed beautiful and quite attractive. My blog for Dapoli is incomplete without the mention of beaches. The more secluded it is the better, I feel. With the same intention, we stayed in Harnai, typical village, with one market having few eateries and stalls. The joy of staying with limited…

Dapoli – Ratnagiri Part 1

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Before starting with what I explored and how the places were, let me quickly give a brief introduction about Dapoli, it’s a town in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, about 230 kms from Mumbai. You can drive down or take a Train till Ratnagiri station and then bus,…

Holiday Inn Mumbai – Getaway

 “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta Turn into a story teller when you visit Mumbai, a city that never sleeps and it would be a crime if you do so, especially when you have ample things at your disposal. Pampering yourself is truly a full time…