Gokarna – 5 beaches to Visit

Gokarna, the offbeat location is a small town near the Arabian Sea, located in the south western Indian state of Karnataka. Read here to know how to reach here

There are a total of 5 beaches in Gokarna. We could only explore 3 as during monsoon few beaches like the Half-moon beach and Paradise beach were shut due to high alert. So, if you plan to travel during monsoons, I recommend you to be alert as some beaches might be shut by the coast guard.

Gokarna beach:

This is one of the most famous beaches of Gokarna, as it has the name of the place itself. Most of the temples of Gokarna are at a walking distance from this beach and should definitely be explored. There are some scrumptious food options, Kirana stores, road side shops and a rickshaw stand to take you to nearby spots at decent rates.

The beach is clean and calm with little crowd, given that Gokarna attracted tourists only in the recent years.

You can start your trek from Gokarna and cover other beaches on foot like Kudle beach, Om Beach, as the route is very picturesque to trek and it makes the journey much more memorable.

Kudle Beach:

Next beach we visited was Kudle beach. The people are quite friendly and even with the language barrier they will try to understand and help you without duping. Kudle beach has lot of stay options and has a nice curvy area to walk. There are a lot of vendors here who would ask you to try the hair braiding which is kind of the trend currently.

The beach is quite clean, calm and serene, something which is rare to find in other beaches. Walking here too was an amazing experience and I highly recommend that you visit all beaches here.

Om beach:

The last beach that we could explore was the Om Beach. The trail begins from Kudle to Om beach and is a great route to walk. There are properly maintained steps in between the greenery that leads you to this marvellous destination. This beach has most of the crowd as the famous “Namaste café” is located here. Also, the area outside Om beach is nice and a hotspot for clicking pictures. No wonder, most of the youngsters and crowd can be found here. Next to the beach is a space full of greenery to sit and chill, with few fishing boats at the shore where you can get the best pictures.

Overall, Gokarna considered as the offbeat place is the perfect destination to visit if you love serene and clean beaches and relaxing your way out.

Visit Gokarna at any time except the monsoons as most of the beaches are shut by the coast guard due to high alert. So travel safe, smart and travel during non-monsoon period only.

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