Organic Farm in Dahanu

Going green is not about green acts, it’s about living a healthy life, surrounded by nature and purity. It’s about staying in Organic Farms

Organic Farm in Dahanu

Our life is becoming a chemical in all ways possible. There is nothing pure or organic in the kind of lifestyle we live in. No doubt, we keep craving for the holiday, a chance to move out of the toxicity we live in. From the food we eat, to the water to drink to the air we breathe, there is a lack of purity in anything and everything around us. This leads us to find ways and means to be organic and naturally connected.

To finding of the best organic Farms in Dahanu.

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Arwa Farm in Dahanu

With the same thought, I reach Arwa Organic Farm in Dahanu. Arwa stands for Pure, no wonder the place was the epitome of purity. Its just 2.5 hours drive away from Mumbai, or just 20 mins drive away from Dahanu Railway Station.

Organic Brick Bed
Fully Brick Room

The Farm is fully organic with everything is from mud or wood. Therefore, they are naturally biodegradable. The raw and rustic look and feel of the farm makes it beautiful and comforting. There are rooms with single beds and couple of rooms, depending on your comfort you can find your stay.

 Organic Farm in Dahanu
 Organic Farm in Dahanu

At the entrance, there is a place to sit and chill, artistic and homely for sure. There is also a swing, which was my favorite corner for sure. On entering, you have rooms on the right and the kitchen on the left. (Their organic food is rare and delicious for sure). Then, there is a stair that leads you to more rooms on your left and a mini terrace on the right. The terrace is perfect to spend your evening.

Bungalow in Dahanu

All about Arwa Farm

7 acres of the farmland, brings greenery all around. The view from each and every window or corner leads to greenery. There are more than 740 trees of different varieties, some of which I saw for the very first time. From Dragon fruits to Tulsi, lemon leaves, stevia, lemongrass, Custard Apple, and Mangoes. Everything grows naturally here and is free from chemicals. The taste, flavor, and purity of the food you eat there is un-matchable.  At Arwa farm, you will gain insights on how organic food is grown and harvests, before it reaches your dining table

Owner of  Organic Farm in Dahanu

There are no chemical or pesticides present, even the manure is produced at the farm and is known as Amrit Paani, which is made from everything natural like cow dung, cow urine, mud, etc

Fresh food from everything grown in the farm
Organic Food

We have organic breakfast, which comprises of roti made from rice and aloo.

Because all of this grows naturally. However, for lunch, we have moong and tur daal, Bhindi, pickle, and rice. Unlike the regular rice, here there is no polishing or addition of chemicals. Therefore, it’s all raw and in its natural form. Above all, they serve what grows here and available at that time of the year.

 Organic Farm in Dahanu

Moreover, you can enjoy the silence, breathe natural air, connect with your soul, and see greenery all around. Above all, Arwa is the best Organic farm in Dahanu to unplug yourself from the mundane.

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For more details or booking:
Address: ARWA FARMS, Chari Village, Ashagad,
Near Hardik Farm, Dahanu – 401602
Email: [email protected]
Call: +91 98202 98876 / +91 98202 70423
Cost: INR 1800/- per person for a day inclusive of breakfast, free for kids under 6 (Do check the same before booking).

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  1. My home town Dahanu. Wow. Lovely property. Must visit.

  2. Anish deshmukh says:

    Looks like a must visit ya

  3. Omar Azami says:

    I need to visit this place. Looks amazing!

  4. Nikesh Shah says:

    I would like to book this for 2 nights for 10 people. Please let me know the price and details.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      I would suggest you to call on the number mentioned in the blog and discuss the pricing and booking

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