Day 1 in Amritsar

Explore Amritsar by foot and explore these 5 must-visit places. Here are the top 5 places that you can visit on day 1 in Amritsar. Read all about them

Camping & Stargazing – Dahanu

Living in a tent, enjoying DJ music, eating home cooked meals, late night chit-chat, star gazing, long walk in their 24 acre property, all at yamunavan Camp

Organic Farm in Dahanu

Enjoy the silence, breathe natural air, connect with your soul and see greenery all around. Arwa farm is perfect to unplug yourself from the mundane.

Irshalgad – One Day Monsoon Trek

Monsoon is a great time to trek and explore new mountains and the new you. Each trek gives you challenges, happiness and excitement that makes you understand yourself better. This monsoon I started my trek with Irshalgad, about 17 kms away from Panvel. It’s an easy to medium level short trek, which is quite pocket…

Anegundi – Offbeat yet mandatory visit in Karnataka

When you’re exploring Hampi, don’t forget to keep a day aside to explore a little offbeat yet enticing place called Anegundi, also known as Anegondi. ‘Ane’ in Kannada means an Elephant. ‘Gundi’ means a ‘pit’. Since, the place was used to bath elephant’s during the Vijayanagara Empire in 1336. The place is surrounded by hills…