Camping & Stargazing in Dahanu

Burning ourselves, working day in and day out and dreaming about that long vacation, which never really happens. It is the boat that we all are sailing in today’s time. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Take that much awaited break. If not for long, take a weekend off and escape somewhere natural and raw. Being close to nature automatically de-stresses you in a short time. How about starting with Camping & Stargazing in Dahanu?

What’s better than Camping, near the greenery with the people you like? A day of camping at Yamunavan Camps is enough to enjoy the peace, calm, adventure and staying close to the nature.

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How to reach?

Yamunavan Camps is located at Dahanu Road, Dist-Palghar. It is about 10 Kms away from the Dahanu Station or 3 hours drive away from Mumbai. Furthermore, It’s spread over 24 acres of Chikoo Orchard, with a plant nursery, two different camp areas & a play-ground.

All About Camping & Stargazing in Dahanu

The camping starts by arriving at the location in the evening at around 4-5 PM. You are welcomed by Mayuresh the owner of the place. He explains you about the place, followed by some refreshments like Sandwiches, chips and tea, as much as you’ll like. After settling in, there is a 24 acres land, to walk, see and explore. Or you can do an early morning exploration too, depending on what you prefer. You can rest on the hammock or near the Shamiyana’s built, for as long as you wish.

DJ set-up with speakers

Once the sun sets it, they have a DJ set-up with speakers. Seems like they start playing songs for people to join in and dance. You are free to connect your own mobile to the console and let the crowd have fun. We had a long dancing session. Almost everyone was sweating and burning some calories.

Home Cooked traditional meal

After getting exhausted of dancing we moved to their dining section, which has tables and chairs with curtains spread around in popping colours. They have both veg and non-veg options to choose from. Again, you can eat as much as you like, and their Chicken cooked in fats and traditional spices was the best I have had in recent times.

Sheesha, booze and Bae

You can chill, ask for cards or have Sheesha and enjoy the evening. There is enough space for everyone’s privacy and enjoyment, without getting or having trouble. It’s the safest camping site, as the entire place is owned by them and not a government or public place where anyone can come in. We enjoyed a long session of chit-chat, Sheesha and dancing.

Stargazing in Dahanu

Camping in November- December comes with the benefit of Stargazing. After your long talks, just walk around the space and find your own space for stargazing, this is the one we found, where you can just keep looking at the stars and have a moment of awe.

You can peacefully sleep till atleast 8 am, as the trees around the tents, makes it less sunny in the morning. The tents are comfortable with bedding for twin sharing. Once you close the tent, there is no worry for mosquitoes too. But when it gets dark there are quite a lot of mosquitoes around, they do provide with some repellent, but do carry your own for additional safety.

Missal Pav
Missal Pav

Breakfast Diaries

Morning is shinny and bit hot, they serve some traditional Missal Pav and tea for breakfast, which you can have as much as you like. There is a common western-toilet, quite clean with a wash basin, that takes care of your needs.

Camping & Stargazing in Dahanu. Live in a tent, enjoying DJ music, eating home cooked traditional meals, late night chit-chat, star gazing, long walk in their 24 acre property, Sheesha, booze and Bae. What more do you need for a relaxing weekend at Yamunavan Champs?

For a one day stay its 1800 per person.
Do reach out to Yamunavan Champs, for group deals or corporate cost.

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For more details or reservations:
Yamunavan Champs,
At Post- Pale, Manpada,Opp.- Lingapada Stop,
Dahanu-Vangaon Road, Dahanu Road(East),District-Palghar, Pin-401602.
Contact: +91 9850251602
Emails: [email protected]

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