Best Lounge in Vashi

I don’t think it needs any introduction or background. Everyone has for sure heard of the Rude lounge, if not yet visited. Rude, totally in its raw form, make it bold, loud, and happening. With the same intention, I visited the Vashi, branch. Best Lounge in Vashi is located just outside the Vashi station. It’s very easy to locate and hard to miss when you’re looking for a place to chill.

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Best Lounge in Vashi
Best Lounge in Vashi
Best Lounge in Vashi

About Best Lounge in Vashi

The lounge has outdoor seating, indoor seating, and seating at level 1. There are couches, barstools, wooden seatings; choose your comfort, and enjoy. There are quirky posters, created from twisting famous movie dialogues. Read them for sure when at Rude. The place has circular treasure almost everywhere. In solid colors, making it rawer, more contrasting.

Black Current Margarita
Black Current Margarita

After settling in, we start with some mocktails. We had Black Currant Margarita. This mocktail is refreshing with crush ice and salt-rimmed glass. Definitely a great start of the evening.

Mango Tango at Best Lounge in Vashi
Mango Tango

Mango Tango:

Perfect for mango lovers. It’s a blend of Mango juice, milk, fresh cream along with the mint syrup, garnish with mint leaves.

Ginger Twist
Ginger Twist

Ginger Twist:

It has two layers; The top tastes of litchi crush, lime, and cranberry juice. While the bottom layer is a more pungent, taste of fresh ginger.

 Caesar Salad at Best Lounge in Vashi
Caesar Salad

In appetizers we had, Caesar Salad:

The Salad had the base of mayo, cheese, chicken pieces, and lettuce. Perfectly toss, garnish with olives, croutons (re-baked bread), cherry tomato, and Cilantro. It’s totally delicious, a definite order for sure.

Pomfret Tandoori
Pomfret Tandoori

Pomfret Tandoori:

A huge size, full Pomfret is tandoor grilled, served on a grill plate on a bed of cabbage, and topped with sliced lemons, served with green mint chutney, quite flavourful and delectable.

Textile Chicken
Textile Chicken

Textile Chicken:

The tender chicken chunks are a perfect blend of coconut cream, cheese, and Spinach, it’s different and sapid.

 Sizzling Brownie at Best Lounge in Vashi
Sizzling Brownie

Last we tried, the Sizzling Brownie:

Fresh brownie top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s served on a grill platter. Hot chocolate is then poured on it to give you the perfect sizzling brownie. A great way to complete a fulfilling meal and the day.

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Best Lounge in Vashi. As a whole, Rude is a place to be best enjoyed in a group. With the loud hitting music to wake you up. Delicious food to satiate your taste buds.

For more details or reservations:
Rude Lounge, Grond Floor, BSEL Tech Park,
Opposite Vashi Railway Station,
Sector 30, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Call: +91 7738892807
+91 7738892827

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