Lima Restaurant at BKC

This year is definitely treating me well. After an amazing evening at Masala Bar, the next day we hungry jacks were ready with our stomachs to head to Lima Restaurant at BKC for their revamped menu launch.

Lima Restaurant at BKC is just 2.6 Kilometers from Bandra Station.

When it comes to Latin American cuisines, this is the place to be at. The lounge is the inception of none other than Chef Atul Kochhar, twice Michelin Star Chef.

it comes to Latin American cuisines, this is the place to be at. The lounge is the inception of none other than Chef Atul Kochhar, twice Michelin Star Chef.

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Decor in Mumbai

On entering you will be welcomed by really warm people. Ahead, the first thing you will notice is the full stack Bar.

Bar in Restaurant at BKC

Lima has revolutionized the flavors from Latin America, with culinary innovations done right by Chef Kochhar and Chef Jerry Thomas.

Chef Jerry Thomas
Manager and Chef Jerry Thomas

After settling down and finding my blogger buddies, we started with some drinks.

The highlight of the evening was Passion and Mango Pinacolada:

It’s a little thick, creamy, and something that is liked by everyone around. Garnish with a twig of the mint leaf is a must-try for sure!

Restaurant at BKC
Passion and Mango Pinacolada

Grilled Pineapple Margarita (Restaurant at BKC):

The drink was garnish with grill pineapples. It was a mix of pineapple, tequila, and honey; the citrus adds the zing needed with tequila. Try it, if you’re looking for a sweet and tangy mix of tequila.

Cocktails in Mumbai
Grilled Pineapple Margarita

Time for the awesome unique yet amazing flavor to experience from the Peruvian cuisines.

Tortilla Chips with an assortment of dips:

The chips are crunchy, tasty, and served with green tomato Salsa, Cottage cheese and sour cream. This is something that one should order without thinking.

Restaurant at BKC
Tortilla Chips
Dips for the starters
Tortilla Chip Dips

Ceviche Classico:

Its a little tangy but when mixed with baked sweet potatoes it almost neutralizes the sourness. It has chilies from Mexico, cheese, and Leche de Tigre sauce, different yet appealing.

Restaurant at BKC
Ceviche Classico

Esquites –

Its taste says it all, one of the few veg dishes that I actually enjoy and would want to re-order. It has a buttery sweet corn broth, a hint of lemon juice, potato salli garnish, and sour cream. Served in a clay glass resembling the traditional ’Khullad’.


Tinga Chicken Tostadas:

It’s the American version of Sev Puri 😉 It has a little crunchy, thin base, topped with chicken, Tinga Sauce, and Salsa Criolla.

Restaurant at BKC
Tinga Chicken Tostadas

Chorizo Molletes:

It’s like an open face sandwich, it has Smoked and cured Chorizo, refried beans, and avocado, something that you can skip.

Chorizo in Mumbai
Chorizo Molletes

Chicken Quesadilla:

It has the filling of chicken, raisins, olives, and Aji Panca (Peruvian red pepper).

Restaurant at BKC
Chicken Quesadilla

Veg Quesadilla:

It’s filled with potatoes, broad beans, green peas, and Goat cheese. Both the Quesadillas have a lip-smacking taste and should be tried for sure.

Quesadilla in BKC
Veg Quesadilla


Again we tried both the varieties, veg (filled with corn and cheese), and non-veg (filled with shredded Lamb Pibil). Both were tasty, crunchy, and great for munching. While having them with dips simply expand your taste to a whole new level.

Restaurant at BKC
Veg Chimichangas
Chimichangas in BKC
Non-veg Chimichangas

Lima Sharing:

It has different layers of sweet potatoes, tomato salad along with chili adobo. Like the name, the dish needs to be shared with people you care 🙂

Restaurant at BKC
Lima Sharing


It’s somewhere between a desert and a proper main course. These are prepared using corn tortillas as the basis of the dish. Red salsa is poured over the crisp tortilla triangles. The mixture is simmer until the tortilla starts softening. Pull chicken sometimes adds to the mix. It is commonly garnished with Crema, shred Queso fresco (fresh Mexican cheese). The entire mix is bake so make sure not to touch the serving bowl but definitely try as soon as served – “Best served hot”.

Chilaquiles in BKC

Beans stew and Mexican rice

If you still have any space left, do try their main courses. The beans stew and Mexican rice were so good that I couldn’t stop eating. It had Mélange of beans with tomato gravy topped with sour cream and green tomato salsa, served with Mexican rice.

The rice is cook with the hint of smoke as a result even without a gravy the rice tastes amazing that one just can’t stop eating it.

Restaurant at BKC
Beans Stew
Mexican Rice
Mexican Rice

Overall the new menu is worth trying for; the food has the perfect blend of Peruvian flavors. It has something for everyone’s palate. Lima tops in terms of its hospitality. The warmth and friendliness of the staff definitely make the visit worthwhile.

Lima Restaurant at BKC, there is something for everyone at the table to love!

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