Peshwa Pavilion – Bohri Food Festival

Traditional authentic food does hold great importance as it unfolds, traditional values and ethos. ITC Maratha, the cultural heritage, known for their ethnic experience. Further inspire by the essence of robust flavors organized The Bohra Symphony. We took no time to reach, Restaurant Peshwa Pavilion in ITC Maratha,to experience the amazing journey of the Bohri Food Festival.

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ITC Maratha, located at about 950 meters from the Airport Metro Station, makes it convenient for anyone to reach the destination.

Chef Mohammad Rizvan and Chef Ismail Khan

The Bohri food festival lets you experience a great spread of authentic and rare Bohra cuisine usually found in Bohri family. Thought through by Chef de partie (CDP) Ismail Khan and Chef de partie (CDP) Mohammad Rizvan. Both of them have an phenomenal experience of over 25 years in Bohri cuisine. Under the mentor ship of the Executive Sous Chef Anshul Dhyani; Rooted from Yemen the rare Bohra Cuisine had been bought by them; the cuisine has many Arabic and Middle Eastern influence. The Bohra Symphony takes into consideration the authentic methods of cooking spices, ingredients in the best possible manner.

Pineapple Halwa

Significance of Bohri Cuisine:

Pinch of Salt is what the traditional meal of Bohra meal starts with. Which is famous to clear the taste bud and cure many diseases. The Bohra meal starts with Mithas (Desserts) as against to the regular way of eating desserts at the end. So we begin with Pineapple Halwa and Thuli. Both the desserts are cook in Jaggery and not sugar. The pineapple Halwa is something you should definitely not miss. Thuli is of wheat and jaggery and has a unique taste, try it to know it.

Chicken drumstick and Chicken Cutlet

Then comes the Kharas, which are the savory items. In this, we tried: Chicken Cutlet and Chicken drumstick. Drumstick has tender juicy chicken legs piece, done to perfection. Both of the dishes are full of tang.

Shami Kebab and Russian Kebab

Shami Kebab and Russian Kebab:

Both of the veg options are mix of potato, Besan, mix vegetables. All infuse together with Indian spices. These are the veg variations of the non veg kebabs that are famous in the Bohri cuisine. They are definitey tasty and delicious!



From the tava we tried the following: Cheese Paratha, Cheese roll, Baida Roti and mutton roll. Each of these delicacy is delicious, load with flavors and totally mind-blowing. I personally loved the cheese Paratha the most.

Toor Dal Pulav

Main Course at Bohri Food Festival

In mains, we started with: Kacche Gosh ki Biryani: They infused all the Indian spices in the raw mutton and then dum cook it for about 1.5 hours, letting the mutton to cook perfectly, the Biryani is a great sight for all your senses, with balanced taste, feel, aroma and looks splendid. For the vegetarians, they have Toor Dal Pulav with Palida. The Pulav has the perfect blend of flavours, tastes best with Palida. Which is further cook up of toor daal and drumstick.

Dabba Gosht

Dabba Gosht:

The famous delicacy just melts in your mouth, the lamb is perfectly cook. The dish is rich and sinfully delicious.

Lauki Palak

Lauki Palak:

Tasty and healthy at the same time, totally a rare combination.

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Bohri Food Festival has rare delicacy done rightfully coupled with the above par service does elevate your whole dining experience to a notch above the rest. Don’t believe? Experience yourself before the 2nd September.

For more details or reservations:

The Peshwa Pavilion, ITC Maratha,
Sahar Road, Andheri East, Chakala, Mumbai
Call: 022 30151289

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