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Friday nights are always special as it marks the beginning of the much awaited weekend, so what better than spending it at the newly opened restaurant called Basanti and Co, located right opposite to the Versova socials and about 800 meters away from the Versova Metro station.


They have indoor and outdoor seating, the indoor seating is spacious, with bright colour pop interior, décor is fun and lively. The outdoor seating is too bright, filled with plants and greenery.


The restaurant has a wide spread of Awadhi and Mughlai options in its menu, we started our evening with mocktails; Gulabo, The rose based mocktail having roasted roses, muddled with lime and mint. It’s perfect for a sweet, sour and a minty start.

Jamun Mohito

Jamun Mohito: Since the restaurant is very Indian, they have introduced mohito with Jamun, which has fresh mint, lime, Jamun crush and Jamun puree. It’s sweet and Tangy.

Ankurit Daal Ki Chat

In appetizers, we started with Ankurit Daal Ki Chat: A healthy yet delicious chat made up of green lentils and black gram, which blends well with Indian spices.

Basanti Tandoori Chicken

Basanti Tandoori Chicken: Tender Juicy Chicken is cooked in clay oven with kashmiri chilly and Cashewnut. It’s delicious with balanced seasoning.

Murg Tikka Patiala

Murg Tikka Patiala: Small boneless chunks are marinated in Indian spices and cooked in char grilled, highly recommended.

Galawat Ke kebab

Galawat Ke kebab: The Galawat is served authentically on a paratha base. The kebab melts in your mouth and explodes flavours, the only thing is that the paratha base was a little hard to bite into.


Nazakat-e-Paneer (Veg): The fresh chunks of paneer are marinated in Yogurt, saffron, chilies and spices, they are fresh and with a tang.

Dahi Ke Kebab

Dahi Ke Kebab (Veg): Soft hung of curd are tawa grilled, which gives a tangy and spicy taste.

Basanti Murg Makhani

In the mains, we had called for Basanti Murg Makhani: Medium thick red gravy, with boneless chicken, having the chef’s special ingredients, goes well with Roomali Roti or naan.

Jhinga Salan

Jhinga Salan: Cooked in peanut and onion based gravy, the prawns were done rightly. Bhindi Naintara (Veg): Small cuts are tossed in white sesame seed and tomato, the fried bhindi was delicious for sure.

Gulab Jamun

No dinner can end without a little sweetness, so we called for Gulab Jamun: The freshly done Gulab Jamun just melts in your mouth, within minutes it was all finish.

This newly opened place was already buzzing, on its 2nd day of the launch. Visit Basanti for a great Awadhi food to satiate your taste buds.

For more information or reservation:

7/11, Meera Apartments, Juhu Versova
Link Road, 7 Bungalows, Andheri West
Call: +91 9821879097

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