The Curry Brothers in Bandra

Weekends are special and thus one should enjoy it well too. Every weekend comes with a question Where to meet? Where to eat? Thinking on the same, we finally zeroed on the newly opened branch of one of my favourite delivery outlet – Curry Brothers. Curry Brothers restaurant in Bandra is famous for delivering happiness pack inboxes. While, now they have a fine dining space at Bandra, located right next to Rizvi College, about 2.8 km from Bandra Station.

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Restaurant in Bandra
Restaurant in Bandra

Space can accommodate almost 20 people, with black and white seating. They have ancient décor items that have been carefully curated by the owner and their close ones. On one of the wall, you see some retro style pictures and written recipes framed.

Restaurant in Bandra

This restaurant in Bandra also have a displaying section, showing the various drinks and dessert option and on the other end they have a filter coffee machine to let you enjoy hot coffee in this amazing climate.

Restaurant in Bandra
Gondhoraj Lemonade

We started with: Gondhoraj Lemonade:

The Gondhoraj lemons are source from Bengal to give you the authentic flavour. The lemonade is fresh and goes well with the food.

Organic Lemon Iced Tea
Organic Lemon Iced Tea

Organic Lemon Iced Tea:

The ice tea is a combination of regular tea and green tea further having organic flavors.

Restaurant in Bandra
Beet and Cheese Poppers

For appetizers:

We tried the tasting portions of each of the dish, Beet and Cheese Poppers: The best thing about these is that it doesn’t taste like beetroot at all. It’s flavorful, delicious and something that should definitely be tried.

Aloo Roast
Aloo Roast

Aloo Roast:

The dish from the North has the perfect tadka, and unlike the normal roast, this is full of taste and aroma. Try for its authenticity.

Green Peas Xacuti Tikki
Green Peas Xacuti Tikki

Green Peas Xacuti Tikki:

The perfect Goan dish, the Tikki is finely cook which melts in your mouth with the green peas taste standing out. Try for sure.

Restaurant in Bandra
Mulagapodi Chicken

Mulagapodi Chicken:

From the South, we have the chicken which is perfectly cooked in Indian ingredients and Mustard seeds (Rai) and Cody Leaf (Kadi Patta). It’s full of flavours.

Restaurant in Bandra

For mains we ordered the following:

Alibag Chicken Curry: The food is to cook in a very homemade style. The gravy is thick, smooth with chunks of chicken pieces that go well with plain Steam rice. With each bite, flavours pop into your mouth. Palak Paneer: The thick Palak gravy is healthy and tasty with a generous amount of paneer chunks. Paired with rice, it can be a perfect dish of a healthy meal.

Kerala Chicken Stew with Paratha: Not really a fan of stew, but the dish has the authentic Kerala taste something that is very rare to find in Mumbai. The stew was medium think with a mild taste, full of green veggies and chicken chunks, served with piping hot paratha. This is one such dish which you should order without a second thought.

Gajar Ka Halwa Cupcake
Gajar Ka Halwa Cupcake

For desserts, we tried their new addition of cupcakes; Gajar Ka Halwa Cupcake:

The taste of halwa with each bite of the soft, creamy cupcake is something that should be relish to know for sure.

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Overall, a new place that I have found to curb my sudden hunger pangs for sure. This restaurant in Bandra also has a student-friendly menu for college students. Experience multi-cuisine, rich on flavour, all under one roof.

For more details or reservation:
1, Hardik Villa, Shirley Rajan Road,
Near Rizvi College, Carter Road, Bandra West
Call: 022 33715994
Cost for two: 700-800

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