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A home is not just four walls, home is where your heart is, and special things deserve special attention and care. Finding the best and the perfect home is important as well as difficult, but decorating or redoing your home is no less.  Home reflects your persona, your attitude and you as a person, thus finding the right item for your home does take a lot of time and effort and still doesn’t always go positive.

To add to the hassles you have so many options online and offline, which ends up making you to curate things from different destinations like accessories are picked up online, furniture are booked offline. Many a times multiple trips, exhausting process, discomfort, of ending up with something that isn’t exactly what you wished for, does leave you disappointed.


This is exactly what happened with Sandeep Sridhar and Radhika when they were doing up their home, the challenge of finding the perfect décor led Sandeep to set up Home Canvas  an online discovery platform for the best in furniture and décor. Home Canvas an online platform that is dedicated to simplifying the search for great décor, so that you can create interesting home interiors that truly reflect you.


Says Sridhar, “Whether you are doing up only a room in your house or setting up a new home, we are a one stop destination to help you discover furniture collections, find styles that resonate with your tastes and lead you on to finding products in the easiest and most convenient manner possible. We have searched the length and breadth of the country and curated the most exquisite and lust worthy products, so you can have fun discovering perfect pieces – that you would never have been able to find before.”


For those with a flair for the uncommon, exceptional furniture and décor, Home Canvas is the place. You have everything at one destination, handpicked to give you only the best, whether it is a rug from a store in Jaipur, distinctively upholstered chairs from a Delhi label, or fun study tables for your kids room.


So, for unique selection of modern, sustainable items for the home -handmade home décor accents, furniture pieces & designer home kitchenware I go to Home Canvas and you?

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