3 Thoughtful gift ideas for this Wedding Season

When you check Facebook or Instagram, do you see more wedding updates than regular posts? Whether it’s a pre-wedding shoot, engagement, wedding, honeymoon pictures, social media currently is buzzing with weddings all around. We are always confused about Wedding Gift Ideas

So here are my personal 3 thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas Suggestions.

With all this wedding chaos, it’s also the season of cracking our brains on thoughtful gifts to give to the married couple that will be useful, convenient, great-quality, and economical so it doesn’t pinch your pocket. Let’s accept that there are way too many weddings and gifts that need to be planned, isn’t it?

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When we think about the useful things that the couple may require, the most common of the lot is what someone might have already gifted. So how can you be thoughtful and gift something useful? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! I’m listing below a few Wedding gift ideas that can be explored for this ongoing wedding season.

Cute looking small thermos by Mayur Jug:

Wedding Gift Ideas - Gift Set by Mayur Jug
Gift Set by Mayur Jug
Thermos by Mayur Jug
thermos by Mayur Jug

The trend for long drives, offbeat travel, and house parties are increasing and so you might also require ice cubes for your chilled beverages. There’s nothing better than gifting the new couple with this small Insulated Water Jug & Icebox by Mayur Jug. Their parties, travel plans, and any other requirements will surely be sorted, and they would always remember you while using the thermos for years as products by Mayur Jugs last longer courtesy of their quality and durability.

Stainless Steel Casseroles by Mayur Jug:

Wedding Gift Ideas
Stainless Steel Casseroles

Let’s face it, we Indians need to eat our lunch when it’s hot. Having a meal together is one of the cutest and most luxurious things for newly-weds especially in today’s times when we all are struggling to meet work deadlines and commitment. There’s nothing better than gifting the newly married couple a small and medium-sized Stainless Steel Casseroles. This casserole will help their food stay warm even after hours of the meal being cooked and both of them will enjoy a warm loving meal at the end of a hectic day and remember the thoughtful friend that gifted them this set of happiness.

Wedding Gift Ideas – Tiffin by Mayur Jug:

Wedding Gift Ideas
Tiffin by Mayur Jug

Our generation is quite independent and always on the go Homes but also Hotels. The newlywed too will soon move back to their fast-paced work life. How about gifting them stainless steel Tiffins by Mayur Jug? That would keep the food warm while retaining the love and care with which the food has been prepared and packed.

You can also gift all of these above items as Mayur Jug also offers Gift sets that comprise of all these products and many more.

Gift Set by Mayur Jug
Gift Set by Mayur Jug

Here are 3 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas. So tell us, what are you gifting your closed ones this wedding season?

Wedding Gift Ideas Offering:

Mayurjug is India’s no. 1 Thermo ware and commercial jugs manufacturers since 1968. They are the pioneers of these types of jugs in India and has a presence in almost every house. Available between the ranges of Rs 600 to Rs5000- these Stainless steel products are available with twin hands convenient turn & lift covers. They are made up of top-quality materials & their products can match international standards. Mayurjug has its usage in Homes and equal usage in Hotels, Canteens, Restaurants, Food Stalls & even Hospitals, Mayur products include Water Jugs, Mayur Jug, Camper, Insulated Water Jug & Icebox, Casseroles, Stainless Steel Casseroles, Gift Sets, Thermo Ware Products, Tiffin among others. They are named after various famous cities in the world i.e. Sydney, Wembley, Auckland, Darwin, and Tessla, these sets are covered with Satin Silk packaging and having a terrific look.

About MayurJug: 

Mayur Jug founded in 1968 was then the first to introduce Thermo ware jugs in India. From there the company got its name – Mayur, which today has become a generic name for all water jugs. Today Mayur has set to be a quality benchmark as a Jug manufacturer in India. For further details please visit www.mayurjug.com

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  1. That’s a good set to gift in marriage , thanks for sharing this , as sometimes it get very difficult to choose the gift , now I have option to choose

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      Glad you liked it

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    True that, it becomes really painful sometimes what to gift. You have given a nice idea. Will look into that.

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  3. Love the gifting options. Definitely going to check out the website for more.

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    That’s a perfect gifting options ya. Loved the way you explained it

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    Really best gift ideas this wedding season…

  6. Nisha says:

    You brought back some memories. As kids we have grown up seeing the brand in our home. It still rocks. It definitely makes. A great wedding gift.

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