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When we are too confused about the kind of cuisine we would want to eat, North Indian, Chinese, American etc. then Indulge in a scrumptious meal at this multi cuisine restaurant, Fleur, It’s a French name that means ‘Flower’, and the place does blossom with the aroma of great food. Eat, drink and be merry only at Fleur the all day dining restaurant located at Goregaon East, at about 1.5 kms away from the Goregaon station and is Just off the western express highway, so very easy to locate.


The restaurant is Mumbai themed, with vibrant color décor depicting the heart of the city. The subtle décor of grey ad brown has vibrant colored Mumbai themed kettles, coasters, etc reminding you of the real Bombay.


The restaurant is inside the Fern Hotel, once you entire the hotel on your left you see a spacious restaurant, elegant and fine dining restaurant – Fleur. They have a massive spread and affordable buffet, we tried the Ala Cart menu which also had some options which are available in the buffet.

Chef Choice Salad

We started with some mouth watering appetizers, Chef Choice Salad: The Chef special salad are many a times custom made, depending on the toppings that need to be subtracted or added, for us it was a beautiful looking and superb tasting salad with Grilled mushroom, fresh lettuce, Parmesan Cheese nicely tossed in Pesto sauce, on either of the side you have fresh, juicy Chicken breast and slices Green Zucchini, there were beetroot spread on the plate to make the plating perfect and colorful, Recommended.

Mutton Seekh Kebab

Mutton Seekh Kebab: Mutton Seekh kebab literally transport you to Lucknow with their authenticity and taste, it’s served with Seekh paratha in the authentic circular ring form, with each bite you taste the crispiness and the taste of desi ghee. The Indian spices blend perfectly and is served with Turmeric sauce, which is very unique and stands out. Highly recommended.

Shanghai Fish

Shanghai Fish: Its truly a bliss for people who like little spicy and chatpata, a true blend of Kashmiri Chilly and Green chilly along with Schezwan Sauce and chili flakes, which is perfectly wok tossed with some spring onion for garnishing purpose, each bite explodes the volcano of chilly inside your mouth giving the perfect taste and flavours.

Zaitooni Murg Tulsi Tikka

Zaitooni Murg Tulsi Tikka: succulent chicken is charcoal cooked, Zaitooni means the black olives and Tulsi are places in between the chicken and cooked so with each bite you get their strong taste which also remains as the after taste, different yet delicious. Try for it combination.

Wok tossed Vegetable

Wok tossed Vegetable:  Exotic vegetables at the last stage are done with Chinese seasoning. It was crunchy having a mixed palate of veggies.

Paneer Pepper Parsley Tikka

Paneer Pepper Parsley Tikka:  The perfectly charcoal cooked Cottage cheese (Paneer) are prepared in 4 different kinds of peppercorns used, Black peppercorn, White peppercorn, Green peppercorn and Sichuan peppercorn. The Paneer is bursting with taste and should totally be tried.


For the mains we tried, Dal Bukhara: The Black lentils are socked, charcoal cooked, then gas cooked to give you the perfect texture, thickness and creaminess. The butter, salted butter and cream give it a thick, creamy taste, highly recommended.

Steamed Rice: Each of the grains perfectly separated, they are perfectly steamed and goes well with Dal Bhukara.

Indian Breads

Mutton Rogan Josh: The josh is smooth, not very thick, perfectly balanced with spices, the Lamb is slow cooked for 3 hours making the pieces soft, delicate which is flavorful with each bite, this was accompanied with Indian breads, perfectly made.

Apple Pie

Coming down to the desserts: we tried Apple Pie; The pie is baked with the filling of Almonds, Cashewnut and Apple, its soft with each bite giving you mixed taste of the fillings. There are icing sugar dusted on the top, making it picture perfect. Chopped Fresh apples and walnuts are served on the side which is mixed with sugar syrup. Try it for sure.

Cardommom crème Brulee

Cardommom crème Brulee: This is Caramel custard with a twist of cardamom, the custard give you a strong taste of cardamom. Roasted cardamom powder is dusted on one side. Try for its uniqueness.

Coffee Tiramisu

Coffee Tiramisu: Italian dessert, Biscotti, authentic traditional cookie bread from Italy to balance the softness, smoothness which is there as Tiramisu is almost 90% Cheese. The plating has coffee powder and coffee beans on one end, looks beautiful and tastes equally good.

Chef Sagar Chawla, does take the entire experience a notch above. He is humble, passionate about food, and loves talking about the cuisines served, the detailed conversation about food does makes your whole dining experience memorable.

At Fleur, treat your taste buds with delectable Indian and International cuisine without a pinch to your pocket. Whether you try the buffet or the Ala Cart menu, you will definitely not regret. It’s a place to fill your tummy, without burning a hole in your pocket.

For more details or reservations:
The Fern Hotel, 4/277, I.B Patel Road,
Goregaon East, Mumbai
Call:  022 33715921

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