The Rooftop Lounge – Mojo’s Bistro

Space is noticed and loved if it gives you sensational pleasure. Something that appeals to all your 5 senses, quite rare right? But Mojo’s Bistro, the newly opened place at Kamala Mills, located at just 1.3 km away from the Lower Parel station. it Truly creates a magical spell by letting you see the best of the view. It’s located on the rooftop, appeals to ears with some outstanding music, that would upbeat your mood. A Tongue that would be spellbound with all the amazing dishes. At this Rooftop Lounge, your skin feels more alive and happy about being there and lastly, nose can’t resist such alluring aroma.

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Rooftop Lounge
Rooftop Lounge

The Rooftop Lounge has an open-air sky bar can let you chill under the sky and truly feel magic being created, The place has quite comfy and spacious seating with pastel colours all around. They have almost 3 types of seating, cool and comfy for groups. Wooden dominating sharp edges, and the bar stool kind, for people who want to chill and drink.

Rooftop Lounge
Meloni at Rooftop Lounge

We started our evening with some drinks, Meloni:

It’s a watermelon base mocktail, also having milk, vanilla ice cream blend well, this thick milk-based mocktail was smooth and delicious.

Rooftop Lounge

My friend here called for Electrofied:

The cocktail is a mix of rum, vodka,  gin, tequila, lime juice,  blue curacao and Redbull. Something that would surely give you a kick and he loved it.

Sheesha at Bandra

After some drinks we called for Sheesha:

They have a variety of combinations and types of Sheesha available. This one has an ice base that changes colour with each drag.

Watermelon Base Sheesha at Bandra

They also have fruit base Sheesha like this is with the Watermelon base. Their Sheeshas are smooth, flow is amazing something that is on point for all the Sheesha lovers.

Now coming down to food;

Galauti Kebabs at Rooftop Lounge
Galauti Kebab

Galauti Kebab:

The perfectly cooked lamb patty was soft and succulent. Served on a paratha base and has the perfect blend of exotic spices.

Gucchi Ki Galawat
Gucchi Ki Galawat (Veg)

Gucchi Ki  Galawat (Veg): 

The mushroom patty  socked in  smoked spices is totally a must for all the mushroom lovers.

Panko Amritsari Fish Goutons at Rooftop Lounge
Panko Amritsari Fish Goutons

Panko Amritsari Fish  Goutons:

The boneless pieces of fish were a little tough with spices that made the fish not so appealing. You can skip this one.

Hummus 2 Ways
Hummus 2 ways (Veg)

Hummus 2 ways (Veg):

Two really opposite kind of Hummus is served with Chorrafarri. One in the Indianized way with a Tadka and the other with roasted Pumpkins.

Tandoori Dhaba meal
Tandoori Dhaba meal

In the main course we tried ; Tandoori Dhaba meal:

There was Chicken Tikka Masala, Dal Makhani served with Indian bread. The taste was authentic and liked by all.

Dal Khichdi at Rooftop Lounge
Dal Khichdi (Veg)

Our friend here loves Dal Khichdi (Veg):

So we tried the same and I must tell you, it was delicious, served with Raita, a must-order for all the Dal khichdi lovers.

Cheese and Cherry Macaroon
Cheese and Cherry Macaroon

From the desserts section we called for Cheese and Cherry Macaroon; it was stuff with cream cheese and sour cherries, again a heavenly treat.

Apricot and Chocolate
Apricot and Chocolate (Veg)

Apricot and Chocolate (Veg):

Eggless Chocolate cake with a hint of apricot, classic dessert not to miss.

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This Rooftop Lounge open-air sky bar situated on the 2nd Floor of Kamala Trade House is a place with an amazing set up to chill out under the moon.

Mojo’s Bistro, definitely deserves a second visit soon,  A place that would leave you to spell bound. Head with your gang and let yourself into the magical land.

For more details and reservations;
Mojo’s Bistro,
Level 2, Kamla Trade House, Kamala Mills,
Lower Parel, Mumbai
Call: +91 7768888800

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