Continental Restaurant in Pune, Aundh

When it comes to great food I can travel miles, plus it gives another reason to travel and explore more of you. When I heard that the global cuisine restaurant is being plan by none other than Chef and Consultant Saif. Pune didn’t seem to be far. Asanjo, Continental Restaurant in Pune located in Aundh. Is a two floor seating, the fine dining is casual and bright with a colour popping wall. The place is small compare to regular places. but the staff and founders have quite a big heart.

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About the Continental Restaurant in Pune

Asanjo means OURS, the restaurant is the dream plan at Goa. And then turn into a reality by 4 friends. Thus the name is perfectly apt, not only for them but for us too. When at Asanjo you can surely feel the warmth, connect and feeling of belonging.

Dusky Damsel

We began our lunch by calling for some mocktails; Dusky Damsel:

A perfect blend of  black current crush, grape juice and on the corner of the glass it has the black salt, its sweet and salty and totally a great try!

Spicy Senorita

Spicy Senorita:

A perfect drink to start the meal, it’s a mix of Orange, lemon and tomato juice, green chilli, Tabasco, honey and black pepper. True to its name, it’s genuinely spicy, so order only if you’re a fan of spicy drink.

Jalapeno Margarita
Cucumber Margarita

Cucumber and Jalapeno Margarita:

It has cucumber or jalapeno muddled with sour mix and cayenne pepper. It’s quite refreshing, but order if you like Jalapeno, else you can skip the Jalapeno one and go for the Cucumber one 😉

Travel around the world, as Asanjo bring in a great food fusion comprising of Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, South American and Spanish cuisines are under one floor to satiate your trust.

Papas ala Saif

Papas ala Saif:

The base is of yellow pepper cheese sauce serve with fried potato chunks. Top with boil eggs and olives. Try to know what it tastes like. Must recommend!

Korean Chicken Nachos

Korean Chicken Nachos:

The Beetroot nachos, marinated chicken, bell pepper, Mozzarella & Parmesan cheese, a great relief from the normal Nachos.

Jujeh Kebab

Jujeh Kebab:

In Persian it means Chicken, cooked in Persian flavor herbs and spices and serve with roast tomato. Served with Mast Khiar dip, in Persian ‘Mast’ means yogurt and ‘Khiar’ means Cucumber, so the tasty dip having yogurt, cucumber, mint , garlic n olive oil,  a perfect  dish to start your meal with.


Aphrodie chicken:

Aphrodie means Greek Goddess of love , beauty and pleasure and the dish exactly gives you that, the Chicken chunks tossed in olive oil, garlic and feta chilli mushroom sauce, makes the chicken melt in your mouth giving the perfect blend of taste and composition.



The kebab is widely serve in Eastern Europe like Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia.  Lamb and chicken kebab is serve with shopska salad. It’s a famous Bulgarian salad. French fried in the middle with Taratur dip made of yogurt, cucumber and walnut, along with roasted chilies.

Harissa minced Chicken skewers

Harissa minced Chicken skewers:

Spices of Harissa are use in the mince chicken, along with garlic, onion. And the skewers are done in a tandoori style. It’s succulent, tender and absolutely delicious.

Fish cake with rocket

Fish cake with rocket, capers in lime dressing & horseradish mustard mayo:

Black pepper, parsley, paprika is use to make the fish cake. Which is serve with tangy capers and horseradish mustard mayo.


Dajaj bil bahar ali asfa:

Dajaj means chicken, Bahar means spices and Asfar means yellow. So the chicken in yellow spices and true to its name, it’s just marvelous.



This main course dish is going to make you forget everything else. Saffron rice cooked in chicken stock, cinnamon & cardamom, centre wise topped with Jordanian chicken yogurt stew cooked garnished with fried almonds. Highly recommended!

Red velvet shake

Now coming down to shakes; my favourite was Red velvet shake:

The base is of milk cream., chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream. It’s top with chocolate cookies and garnish with a red Velvet cake. Totally a heaven for shake lovers!

Oreo Cookie Shake

Oreo Cookie Shake:

The base was of vanilla ice cream, Oreo, chocolate and whipped cream topped with choco-chip cookies and don’t forget the toppings on the side of the glass, which is totally worth fighting for with your friends.

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Continental Restaurant in Pune- Asanjo:

A place you can rely on anytime to satisfy your hunger pangs, food speaks for itself as they have something for everyone from their wider multi cuisine menu, and light on the pocket. The people that truly make you feel warm.

After all, a short trip to Pune is a good getaway 😉

For reservation or more details;
Shop 5/16, Stellar Enclave,
Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411027
Call: +91 9922274376

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