The Boston Cupcakery – Bandra

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

~Ernestine Ulmer

You never know what happens next, so better live the life we want and indulge in as much sweetness as possible. Following the same thought, I was wanting to visit Boston Cupcakery for a long time, and when I got to know that they have recently opened another outlet in Bandra, I was more than excited to pay a visit to their new outlet located at Pali Hill, about 1.6 kms from Bandra Station.

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The Cupcakery is quite spacious as it has indoor as well as outdoor seating making it comfortable for any event, celebration, get together or just a date.


What lure me to this place was the fact that their ingredients are source from all around the world. They use healthier ingredients, like Belgian Coverture chocolate instead of compound chocolate and natural butter instead of shortening. The incorporation of better alternatives makes their cakes taste much more fresh and natural.

Café Nutella

I tried the highly recommended signature dessert coffee – Café Nutella.

It was a thick, creamy, cold coffee with espresso and Nutella. As a Nutella lover, naturally I loved it.

Café Bombon

My friend tried the Café Bombon:

This hot coffee is silky, creamy, with condense milk to espresso and has a perfect bitter sweet taste. Perfect for people who don’t like extra sweet desserts.

Spicy Peanut Thai Salad

We started with Spicy Peanut Thai Salad:

A mix of grilled peppers, red chilli and 3 types of lettuce (Roman, Iceberg and Oloroso ) with a vinaigrette dressing. The chicken option comes with Siracha marinated chicken and to top it all the chef added some home-made Thai dressing as well.

Barbeque Chicken Waffles

Barbeque Chicken Waffles:

A savory waffles, unlike the traditional waffle. You have 3 different options for toppings; chicken, mushroom and Tofu – we tried the chicken one. It had barbeque sauce and was top with Chipotle Mayonnaise. The healthy topping of barbeque sauce made it a little sweet.

Sunny Side up Rosti Waffle

Sunny Side up Rosti Waffle:

This mini meal composed of a potato rosti, made in the waffle machine on one side, Tomato Chutney on the other, some house made Salad in the center and a perfectly cooked half fry on one side, the rosti was a little tough to cut and eat with a fork and spoon, but overall a great dish to try.

Chunky Monkey Cupcake

Chunky Monkey Cupcake :

The base of this cupcake was banana with ganache filling and top with chocolate cream and macadamia nut.

Caramel Sea Salt

Caramel Sea Salt:

A chocolate cupcake with Caramel sea salt filling and top with the butter cream. It’s an absolute must try, if you like caramel.

Oreo Cupcakes

Oreo Cupcakes:

A chocolate cupcake which is stuff with cookie filling. Chocolate butter cream and is garnish with half Oreo Cookie.

When at Boston Cupcakery don’t forget to try the cupcakes – you won’t be disappointed. Their cupcakes are to die for, no matter which one you try. We wanted to try them all as they looked absolutely delicious behind the counter.

Nutella Well Cake

Nutella Well Cake:

It’s a slightly burn cake, with a healthy Nutella filling. The heavenly Nutella just oozes out when you take a bite with your spoon. Another must have at this place.

Boston Cupcakery is a total paradise for dessert lovers and also has some good savoury options for the ones without a sweet tooth. Life can be difficult, so have some desserts and spell out, stress from your life.

Ankush Sachdeva

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If you get confuse looking at all the amazing desserts at Boston Cupcakery. The Operations Manager, Ankush Sachdeva is just a call away. The always smiling and happy-go-lucky manager will help with in ordering what would be preferred by your taste buds.

To know more or order:
The Boston Cupcakery
Shop 5, New Kamal Kunj, CHS Ltd,
33 Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West
Cost for two approximately: INR 600

Contact: 022 26481092
+91 7710030094

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