MasalaBar – The Big Bang Night

I jump on every opportunity that allows me to add some Masala to my boring, mundane life. That’s exactly what happened this Tuesday when I was invited for the launch of the Big Bang Night.

Where? Masalabar Mumbai.

When? It lets you enjoy a free drink on every drink ordered, every Tuesday. Amazing, right?

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The Big Bang Night

Masala Bar Mumbai is located at Carter Road, Bandra. It is just 3.6 Kilometers away from Bandra station, right above CCD. The location is hardly miss-able.

At the entrance, the stairs are candle-lit, making it very intimate and romantic. If you haven’t decided where to take your date this Valentine, then reserve your seats today. Because this is one of the best romantic restaurants in Mumbai

Masalabar Mumbai
Romantic Restaurant in Mumbai

After climbing up the stairs on your right is the fully loaded bar, offering a cutting edge, post-modern, scientific laboratory-style Bar experience, that has almost everything that you can ask for!

Cocktails in Mumbai

Going ahead, we settled on the extreme left table at the corner, so our gang can whoop.


They had arranged some nice props to make the night eventful.

Props Mumbai

As the evening progressed, we started munching and drinking, I and my friends tried the following drinks while having some useless conversation as usual 😉

Want to get high, try the following cocktails, prepared in a style, and with techniques that is uncommon.

Malabar Point:

A cocktail made by mixing Whisky, Rosemary, Orange Concoction, along with Almond foam. It was truly the highlight of the evening.

Malabar Point

Sunset @ Carter at Masalabar Mumbai:

Escape in the world of Vodka, lemongrass Ginger Thyme Cordial. The fanciest looking cocktail I have seen.

Masalabar Mumbai
Sunset @ Carter

Mumbai Matinee:  

Prepared by mixing Gin Mix, grapefruit, and Orange Skin Oil with some homemade Sattu Fizz. An interesting mix to give you the right high.

Mumbai Matinee
Mumbai Matinee

Bandstand Songkran:

It has Vodka with Apple Chamomile Reduction with Thyme Foam.

Masalabar Mumbai
Bandstand Songkran

Some saviors to non-alcoholics like me – Mocktails

Berry Cooler:

My personal favorite from the evening, if you prefer Mocktails over cocktails or are non-alcoholic, do try this for sure.

Masalabar Mumbai
Berry Cooler

Mulled Masala Punch:  

It was a little strong for my taste because of its strong cinnamon content.

Masalabar Mumbai
Mulled Masala Punch

No evening can end without tasting some mouth-watering dishes, below are the list of Tapas style food that we grabbed and enjoyed.

Chicken Tikka Basilica:

It melts in your mouth and has a strong presence of cheese and a hint of garlic. One of the best tasting tapas I tried that evening.

Starters at Masalabar Mumbai
Chicken Tikka Basilica

Hauled Lamb Barra Khurchan:

The base resembles more like a Khaari biscuit in terms of look and taste, the lamb was perfectly cooked with the proper balance of spices and had the dressing of smoked sour cream

Lamb starter
Hauled Lamb Barra Khurchan

Prawn Tempura Sushi, it was classic, with a strong aroma of Prawns.

Sushi in Mumbai
Prawn Tempura Sushi

Curry leaves infused pepper prawns:

It’s perfect for Prawn lovers; they were small, juicy with delicate flavors

Pepper Prawns
Curry leaves infused pepper prawns

All in all, you should definitely try Masalabar Mumbai. An intimate place for its vast signature beverages and a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea.

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