Here’s why BeFit health insurance is the best investment for your family

Do you know why everyone now wants health insurance?
You can take a guess!
No, it’s not terminal diseases like cancer or planning a safety net for your family.
The answer is COVID-19.

After realizing the importance of health in this pandemic, people now want a safety net for their families. This safety net takes care of medical expenses that one has to incur during illness.

However, not all expenses get covered in health insurance.

Various health insurance companies in India offer health insurance plans for families and individuals. You might find policies that cover most hospitalization expenses. But what about charges that take place before and after the hospitalization? This is something for which we need an urgent solution.

You might ask, why? People in our country spend roughly 60%* of their expenses on regular medical expenses. Now, these can be for self or a family member. The money being spent doesn’t get covered fully in any health insurance. This is where a need was created. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

BeFit health insurance by ICICI Lombard:

BeFit is a benefit that you can add to any ICICI Lombard health insurance policy. This benefit gives you 360 support for all OPD services (Out-patient-department). Also, this might be the first time someone is providing such a benefit to policyholders in India.

Before sharing the key information and benefits, I must let you know that BeFit is not a standalone policy. This is a benefit that you will have to add to your standard health insurance policy.

Key Information:

  • It is a unique OPD and wellness combination for policyholders.
  • This benefit covers 11000+ doctors across 20 cities.
  • Usage of this benefit is through the ILTakeCare app.
  • Requirements are covered on a cashless basis.
  • 24*7 telephonic and virtual consultations with a panel of doctors.
  • Customers get rewardson the app for healthy behavior with special discounts.

Benefits of BeFit:

Following are the health insurance benefits of BeFit and what it covers underneath it:

  • Doctor consultations
  • Pharmacy and diagnostics services-related expenses.
  • Minor medical procedures that do not need hospitalization.
  • Physiotherapy sessions & preventive healthcare.
  • Express Pharmacy service – Medicines delivered under 60 minutes
  • Lab tests provided at home and at visiting centers.
  • Additional value-added services are listed in the policy.

Note by Sanjeev Mantri:

During the launch of this unique and value-added solution, here’s what the executive director of ICICI Lombard had to say,

“The COVID pandemic made consumers realize that health insurance does not end with having a cover just for hospitalization expenses. It is equally important to have a powerful solution that can encourage the practice of good health on a day-to-day basis. Our new BeFit solution will address this part. This is because it provides cashless and contactless solutions to customers who want to stay fit and address their medical problems at a nascent stage, without having to reach the stage of hospitalization.

This comprehensive offering provides a digitally enabled health ecosystem that integrates and brings more than 11,000+ doctors spread across 20 cities. The pharmacy service provides customers with an express service, i.e. medicine delivery to the customer’s home within 60 minutes and lab tests will be provided both at home and the center visit. This product will offer 24×7 consultations (telephonic and virtual) attended by our expert panel of doctors. These benefits related to preventive healthcare such as health check-ups, health risk assessments, diet and nutrition counseling sessions, and even chat and e-counseling are available to all our customers. In a nutshell, this unique cashless solution fits perfectly into our umbrella of a comprehensive health insurance proposition, providing an end-to-end solution to our valued customers.”

Which cities get coverage from BeFit health insurance by ICICI Lombard?

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Nashik, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur, Raipur, Vishakhapatnam, Surat, Chandigarh, Bhopal, and Dehradun. Expect expansion to multiple cities in 2022.

About ICICI Lombard:

ICICI Lombard is the leading private general and non-life insurer in India. With this one-of-a-kind combination of wellness and technology, ICICI Lombard has given customers in India the best chance to cover and safeguard their health.

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  1. That policy has some good inclusio ns. It’s good to know that minor procdures which do not need hospitalisation are also covered. And medicine delivery facility is also there.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Totally agree with you

  2. Manisha Garg says:

    Looks like a great value added plan by ICICI Lombard. Will check it out for my family.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s a great choice

  3. Raksha says:

    Heath insurance is so important, especially for times like these. This seems to be very good solution for health insurance.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Couldn’t agree more with you, its high time to invest on our health

  4. Bedabrata Chakraborty says:

    What an informative post! Forever in the look out for posts like this since I never could understand insurance!

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      I Know what you mean, always happy to help

  5. In recent pandemic era, it is must to have a good health insurance. I am hearing a lot about BeFit insurance all across the web. all the features of this seems so impressive. will explore more about it from my side for sure.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great, you definitely should

  6. Harjeet Kaur says:

    Befit sounds like a great health insurance.ICICI Lombard is giving many more benefits compared to others.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Indeed and a need currently

  7. Neha Tambe says:

    BeFit looks like a comprehensive plan and is extremely relevant in the current times. ICICI is known to understand the prevalent needs and create plans accordingly.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      COuldn’t agree more

  8. Neha Sharma says:

    That’s a great benefit added to the health insurance policy by ICICI lombard. I am definitely going to discuss this with my husband. We should take benefit of such value added offering. Thanks for sharing the details.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Anytime, and that’s great to know

  9. MeenalSonal says:

    With so many benefits under one health insurance Befit plan seems so good and it also eases the burden of repeated payments at the OPD desks.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      It totally is!

  10. Swati Mathur says:

    BeFit insurance policy sounds really good as with cashless it provide contactless service which is need of an hour during pandemic.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Couldn’t agree more

  11. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Getting a good insurance policy is uppermost in everyone’s mind as of now. Thanks for outlining this for us – very useful information.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Always happy to help 🙂

  12. Tina Basu says:

    Health insurance is such an important part of life now especially in given circumstances in the Covid era! Good to know these informations about health insurance by ICICI Lombard

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Absolutely agree!

  13. Varsh says:

    You rightly mentioned that regular health insurance doesn’t cover Covid. This added benefit in ICICI Lombard is a must in our insurance since the pandemic still isn’t over. I’ll go through it in detail.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That would be great!

  14. This post is very helpful for people who would like to have a value-added health insurance policy. They are providing many benefits that other players are not.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Totally, especially in recent times

  15. Befit benefit definitely seems to be the much needed add on to the existing health insurance plan.. I’m glad ICICI lombard came. Up with this during the time of pandemic. Seems beneficial for many

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Indeed, will be

  16. Considering the uncertain lives we lead a health insurance is inevitable. Thanks for the detailed post.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Always happy to

  17. A good health policy is very important for every family. It’s nice to know that the policy has such good Inclusions and also cover non hospitalization in it.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Exactly, one of the points that stands out

  18. Snigdha says:

    It seems like superb insurance by ICICI Lombard . I will share this with my husband too. We will look into this plan .

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great!

  19. After the pandemic, everyone is really after getting their medical insurances. It is really important to have blogs that convey important benefits like BeFit by ICICI and make our work hassle free.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      It is the need of the hour

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