Unlocking the future – One Step at a Time with Media Tek

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life. ~ Bill Gates

Firstly, As we grow old it is getting difficult to keep track with all the technology advancements happening. Secondly, there is something new happening every single day. Thirdly, with the rise of mobile gaming and faster Smartphone processing Media Tek aims at giving users a smoother gaming experience. Lastly, Unlocking the future – One Step at a Time with Media Tek.

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Who is Media Tek?

Media Tek happens to be the 4th largest global fabless semiconductor company. They power more than 1.5 billion devices a year. They also are market leaders in power-efficient systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, smart home solutions, and automotive.

Like Bill Gates and other visionaries, Media Tek aims at building affordable technology that fits in so smoothly with us that it not only shapes the common man’s life but also improves it daily.

Second Edition of Media Tek Technology Diaries:

The 2nd edition of the Media Tek event took place in Mumbai on 2nd August.  The primary focus this time was to unveil and showcase the power of their latest Helio G Series chipsets.

Some very important faces from Media Tek were in attendance to give us information and also patiently answer all our queries. These people are;

  • Mr. Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India
  • Mr. Kevin Keating- Global Director, Marketing, MediaTek
  • Anuj Sidharth, Deputy Director, Marketing & Communications, MediaTek India
  • Kent Davis, Sr Director and GM Global Marketing & Communications, MediaTek

According to Mr. Anku Jain. While, the market is reinventing itself at an incredibly high-speed. He is glad that Media Tek is one of the brands that are trying to be up to date with this fast speed. He also mentioned about 5G and Rich loT technologies that is the next best thing lined up for the world.

Mr. Kevin Keating mentions about the rapid growth in mobile gaming. Further, how companies are trying to give users the best seamless experience. While, this has led them to design the G90 series which delivers high performance and smooth responsive action even in the most memory demanding games.

What was covered in the event?

  1. Media Tek launched its groundbreaking Helio G Series Chipsets – G90 & G90T, Further, these are exclusively designed to give users an incredible smart phone gaming experience.
  • The Helio G90 Series combines the latest CPU and GPU cores with ultra-fast memory and massive AI performance. Further, it deliver fast and fluid action on your smart phone.
  • To get more gaming power, these chipsets are paired with MediaTek’s Hyper Engine game technology. Moreover, this tunes your entire smart phone for the greatest gaming experience possible.

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Unlocking the future – One Step at a Time with Media Tek. Further, Media Tek does seem to have upped their game in the mobile gaming segment. While, with their new chipsets you can be assured of seamless performance in the phones that will be released in 2019. Moreover, I’m glad I could attend this event live and understand the power of the new Helio chipsets by Media Tek.

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