Yeda Republic in Juhu

Yedapan is all about being crazy. That’s what this newly open place is surely trying to make you feel. The Yeda Republic is not just a lounge, but it’s a country, having its own guardians, which protects the country. The moment you enter, there are guardians all over the walls, who are protecting their land. Ongoing further, towards your left you’ll see a submarine, next to it is the most happening boat. There is a scientific bar with pipes all flowing up and down; ahead of the bar, you have the passion and the pleasure room. Read on to know more about the Yeda Republic in Juhu.

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Yeda Republic in Juhu
Yeda Republic in Juhu

Just like any country, it has a host of things for its citizen, from the telephone booth to the crying room, there is also a private room for small happenings, a café, and fine dining inside the Yeda Republic. It surely has something for everyone.

Yeda Republic in Juhu
Restaurant Ambiance

The lounge’s décor keeps changing to give you a different flavor, every time you visit. The place is buzzing with loud music, so don’t go there with the intension of having long chats.


We started with mocktails like Lipstick:

The mocktail had Orange, Cranberry, and lime juice, tad bit sweeter than the usual.

Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach:

It was a blend of Orange, Peach, and sugar syrup, both the mocktails almost bit alike to me.

Bawa PopCorn at Yeda Republic in Juhu
Bawa PopCorn

Bawa PopCorn:

The tender chicken poppers serve piping hot with green chutney. It was quite flavorful and delicious, try it.

Tulsi Wali Galli Ki Machli
Tulsi Wali Galli Ki Machli

Tulsi Wali Galli Ki Machli:

Chunks of boneless Basa fish serve with onion rings, mint leaves, and green chutney. I found some of the chunks were a bit salty, compared to others, but overall was great.

Honey Soya Sticky Wings
Honey Soya Sticky Wings

Honey Soya Sticky Wings:

The Chicken wings were top with chop scallions and white sesame seeds. On the sides were freshly cook French fries. The wings were delectable, with balanced taste and flavors. Try it!

Chettinad Chicken Paratha at Yeda Republic in Juhu
Chettinad Chicken Paratha

Chettinad Chicken Paratha:

My personal favorite of the evening. The minced chicken has a coat of crunchy golden not so thick paratha. It serves with Sour cream and Tomato Salsa. The Paratha was quite appetizing for sure; go for it if you’re a Paratha lover.

Butter Chicken Dal Khichdi from Yeda Tiffin Section
Butter Chicken Dal Khichdi from Yeda Tiffin Section

Butter Chicken Dal Khichdi from Yeda Tiffin Section:

In this 3 section tiffin, you have cucumber, Carrot, Radish, and Lemon Salad in one section, Butter Chicken and Dal Khichdi in the others. It can be a proper meal for two, the butter chicken was a tad spicy and not sweet like usual, overall it’s quite a decent and safer option to opt for.

Chocolate Hazelnut Fondant
Chocolate Hazelnut Fondant

Lastly, we had Chocolate Hazelnut Fondant:

The Fondant was cover with a layer of chocolate on top which, when scooped; oozes the chocolate, served with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on the bed of crunched hazelnut, garnished with chocolate syrup.

Overall, the Visit Yeda Republic in Juhu, let your crazy side come out in this country filled with Yedas, perfect to embrace your yedapan with friends. Music, Dance, madness is all in here.

For more details or reservations:

Yeda Republic, Hotel Ramee Guestline,
A.B. Nair Road, Opposite Novotel, Juhu, Mumbai
Call: 022 33126965
Cost for two: INR 2000-2200

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