Fakt Café in Malad

The name itself builds some curiosity about the Café. ‘Fakt” in Marathi means ‘Only’. A place that is only enough and more, located in Orlem area in Malad West. This Cafe near me is just about 1.7 km away from Malad Station. Ritika Nagpal, the heart and soul of the café belonged to the ad world and now an entrepreneur is totally active and passionate about her venture and makes for a completely warm and amazing experience.

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cafe near me
cafe near me

The Café has two types of benching, internal seating with AC and outdoors for an open air feel. The Café delivers far and wide, reaching out all the hunger pangs in the locality.

cafe near me
Strawberry Cheese Cake Smoothie

It’s the food that speaks in this cafe near me; we started by ordering some drinks like Strawberry Cheese Cake Smoothie; Not the very thick and heavy kind, it’s quite smooth and we strongly recommend this. The smoothie is a perfect drink to go along with the sandwiches.

Banana Coffee Milk Shake
Banana Coffee Milk Shake

Banana Coffee Milk Shake:

Different yet nice, it’s strong, again, not too thick, Coffee taste infuse in Banana is something to try for.

Chicken Italian Cilantro at cafe near me
Chicken Italian Cilantro

We then started with Panini Sandwiches like Chicken Italian Cilantro:

It has exotic vegetables and tender chicken in a little spicy avatar. It’s the kind of sandwich that anyone would prefer.

Chicken Cheese Philly
Chicken Cheese Philly

Chicken Cheese Philly:

The succulent Chicken is a coat with a layer of cheddar cheese, nicely chop Capsicum and Onion, must try if you prefer cheesy sandwiches.

Chicken Pesto at cafe near me
Chicken Pesto

Chicken Pesto:

It’s the pesto and basil base dressing with Parmesan cheese and Olive oil mixed together, filled with Exotic vegetables like Zucchini, Bell Peppers and Cherry tomato with perfectly cooked Chicken. It can also be made spicy by adding green chillies, for the spicy palates.

Chicken Tikka
Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka:

This is the Indianise version of a sandwich has authentic Chicken Tikka cook in Mustard oil and serve hot for the delicious experience.

These American sandwiches are using the Panini bread that is multigrain top up with oats and sesame seeds. Cucumber, beetroot and onions are chop and mix well and serve as a dip called Relish. All their sandwiches are served with the relish dip and wafers.

Poutine Chicken at cafe near me
Poutine Chicken

Poutine Chicken:

The famous French-Canadian dish has French fries sautéed in barbeque sauce and topped with tenderly cooked chicken and garnished with baked cheddar cheese, a great dish to order for sure.

Chocolate Sandwich
Chocolate sandwich

Chocolate Sandwich

It’s always better to end any meal with something sweet, so we called in for the Chocolate Sandwich; The chocolate toast sandwich wasn’t too sweet and is served with chocolate sprinkles, making it a dish to end your meal with.

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One should definitely visit this perfect Cafe near me called Fakt Café for some quality time and good unique combination of fast food items after all a lot can happen over a sandwich 😉

For more details or orders;
Fakt Café,
Shop 3, Sundar Lane,
Opposite J.B Dynasty,
Orlem, Malad West, Mumbai
Call:  +91 8291069650
+91 9860979621

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