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Nowadays, more and more things are just getting mass manufactured, as creating or perhaps crafting is more detailed and skillful job that requires more time and efforts and people prefer easy and quick fixes. Contrary to this, is Craftbar the authentically twisted, located at Kalanagar, just about 2 kms away from Bandra station.


The heart and soul of Sagar Chakraborty, who has worked at various prestigious restaurants namely Copper Chimney, Indigo, China Garden, Olive and Restaurant 5 has bought his collective experience at Craftbar to give us the best and most hand crafted experience.



The new age gastro bar has almost everything crafted, from the wall hanging art to wall décor, even the lamp covers, and they also have beautiful hand painted bottles at the bar counter which draws inspiration from all almost all the States of India.

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The bar is right at the center, to tempt you to try anything under the sun.


The rustic design and contemporary ambience just set the mood right. They even grow a lot of plants like basil, thyme, etc right at the sides of the entrance that are used as garnishing and otherwise.

PUC (Pollution Under Control)

From the bar section we tried; PUC (Pollution Under Control), The cocktail is a mix of regular pomegranate and thyme smoke (The thyme is used over a smoke machine to give the smoky taste and feel, it’s made using an in-house smoke machine) with Vodka. The thyme smoke gives a strong Thyme flavor, it’s unique and different and has a strong pungent aroma.

Hit Wicket

Hit Wicket; Their very own version of the IPL, it’s a perfect combination of Californian grapes, fresh mint, Vodka, top up with Sparkling Wine.

Tera kya Hoga Khaliya

From the Gola Barood section we have got ‘Tera kya Hoga Khaliya’, It’s the traditional Kala khatta drink whose base is of Vodka. The one that would remind us of all the gola’s we have had in our childhood, this is with a little high 😉

Lolly pops

Lolly pops, again a unique and different concept of serving seasonal fruits in our case it was Kiwi that is infused in Vodka for almost a day and then coated in dark chocolate. Now who can say no to Vodka based Lolly pops?

Don’t Angry Me

Last from the bar menu is Don’t Angry Me, In a Chocolate shot glass you’re served coffee beans with dark rum, the glass is completely made up molded ice. The taste and presentation truly call for a try. Highly recommended!

Pav Bhaji Bruschetta

Now coming down to food, Pav Bhaji Bruschetta (Veg): The buttery breads are finely covered with authentically cooked Pav bhaji, perfectly smashed and covered with a layer of cheese. Absolutely tasty and delicious, eat before it gets cold is a must here.

Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos: The stuffing of the momos is marinated in Tandoori masala and authentically cooked in clay oven. The Momos are not the regular size they are a little bigger and tastier.

Litti Chokha

From their Roadies section we tried Litti Chokha; directly from the states of Bihar, taste the authentic Litti served on live coal, along with authentic ghee and Chokha, green spicy chutney. So if you want to try the famous dish you now know where to head next.


SolKadi Shots with Prawn Golguppa: The famous Konkani curry is served with prawn stuffed Golguppa, totally try it for its uniqueness and for a whole different experience.


Pichhook; Our very own famous Vada Pav is served as a slider burger for better grip and taste, the pav is grilled and served with green chutney, a nice twist to the famous food of Aam Aadmi.

English Vinglish

From the desserts section we tried English Vinglish; again a combination so rare, that you would hardly see, the freshly baked brownie is served with delicious and perfectly cooked Gajar ka Halwa, the unique and outstanding combination is worth trying for sure.


So head to Craftbar, and experience the multi-sensory menu that combines fine dining with experimental moments, the variety of which is exhaustive and satiating for mind and body. The Fusion food is finely crafted with a lot of thought and careful attention to each detail.

P.S: You can almost ask for the virgin drink for most of the cocktails listed, except Don’t angry me, if you don’t drink or not in mood to drink.

For more details or reservations:

Hallmark Business Plaza,
Sant Dyaneshwar Marg,
Near Chetna College, Kalanagar,
Bandra East, Mumbai
Call: 022 30151411

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