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After making everyone happy across the globe for almost 60 years, it’s time to get broasted with Genuine Broaster Chicken as it opens its second outlet in Mumbai at Bandra Reclamation. This will surely bring smile on every chicken lovers face. Located at just 3.2 kms away from Bandra Station, Genuine Broaster Chicken is very convenient for anyone to visit.

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It has a very quirky, cool and happening ambience. The interior of each corner has something unique, making it a preferred choice for hangout. Each table has a charging point and free WIFI, making Genuine Broaster Chicken an ideal place for meetings, completing pending office work or college project.


The fairy lights, famous quotes and impressive posters just set the mood right.


The  names of drinks are quite unconventional like Chul Bhul Soda.

This was my personal favorite as it had the perfect blend of chatpata taste of chat masala, spice of cumin syrup and sweetness of caramel syrup.

Chul Bhul Soda

Bhul Bhul Soda:

It’s like a twisted Kala Khatta drink combining Caramel syrup, chat masala, and has the tangy taste of Orangy Fanta.

Bhul Bhul Soda

Tarbooj Cola:

It’s a nice refreshing drink with watermelon syrup, along with Cola.

Tarbooj Cola

Fizzy Watermelon:

This drink is more fizzy, because of the presence of soda along with Watermelon syrup.

Fizzy Watermelon

They have some amazing assorted wings; You can choose different wings for each pair making it a combo platter of 6 wings/12 wings.

Curried BBQ

We tried the following wings; Curried BBQ:

Which has cumin seeds with smoked BBQ, giving it a tadka kind of feeling and makes it a must have.

Kasundi Mustard wings

Kasundi Mustard wings is a Bengali cuisine.

The wings are cooked in Kasundi sauce and  are little minty.

Kung Pao

Kung Pao:

Its toss in bell pepper and oyster sauce. This is little spicy, so order only if you like spicy wings.

Smoked BBQ & Mushroom

Smoked BBQ & Mushroom:

Its toss in Smoked BBQ and Mushroom, giving a nice flavor and are garnished with Curry leaves.

Hot Masala Chicken

Hot Masala Chicken:

This is Chef Harpal Singh’s signature dish made by using the Broaster machine. It makes the chicken succulent, tender and non oily. The chicken is marinated in Indian Spices, cooked to perfection and is crunchy with each bite. It’s served along with 3 dips – the Curry Mango Dip, Cheesy Jalapeno & Thai Sweet Chilli Dip.

Butter Garlic Fries

Butter Garlic Fries:

The fries are crispy, golden with a hint of butter & garlic. Simple dish, but totally delicious.

Firangi Palak Paneer Dip

Firangi Palak Paneer Dip:

This was definitely the highlight dish of the brunch. Rarely would I declare a veg dish as hero of the meal. It’s a perfect fusion of Lebanese and Indian cuisine. The cheesy Spinach just melts in your mouth with finely chopped Paneer (Cottage Cheese) pieces, absolutely a must!

Begum Fries Franchos

Begum Fries Franchos:

The crispy fries is served with Chicken Kheema. It’s more like, pick a fries, dip in kheema and wallah! Kheema was a little bland for my taste, should have been a little spicy.

The Great Khali Burger

The Great Khali Burger:

The burger stands tall with Soft grilled chicken patty, Masala Chicken, Omelette and veggies. This humongous double layered burger is difficult to bite into, so just deconstruct it and enjoy your meal, like we did 😉

Galauti Lamb Rogan Josh

Then we ordered the main course, starting with Galauti Lamb Rogan Josh.

Unlike a Rogan Josh, it was dense and small mutton cubes were cooked perfectly in Lucknowi style, paired with crispy Paratha. Try it for its amazing taste.

Gulkand Muffin

After so much of chicken, we called in for something sweet and extra ordinary; Gulkand Muffin, it was very soft with the filling of Gulkand.

Oreo Liquid Phirni

Next, we ordered the Oreo Liquid Phirni:

The perfect combination of chocolate and Oreo, served in a more liquid form unlike the conventional Phirni. A must try for all the Oreo lovers!

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Genuine Broaster Chicken, is a perfect place for vegetarians or non vegetarians with too many options to serve anyone. It sparks conversation, brings happiness and lively feeling to everyone around. Visit today to experience it yourself.

For more details or reservation:
Genuine Broaster Chicken
Shop 3, Ankleshwar ONGC Society,
Near Lilavati Hospital,
Reclamation, Bandra West
Contact: 022 33956082

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