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[email protected]# the NAME! Good music will have its lovers and admirers whether it’s called trance, rock, jazz or anything else, after all what’s in the name? Believing in the same thoughts the owners of this local and one of the most happening places and pubs in Malad named it as FTN. You can call it [email protected]# the name or Find the name or any interpretation you please.

FTN located right opposite to the Goregaon Sports Club and almost 2.4 Kms from the Malad station, quite easy to locate.

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The pub has a small entrance which lets you first face this!


The Pub has a quirky décor with wall art all around showing Music evolution, lip smacking art, etc. The ambiance is cool and cozy with some awesome jazz and rock music around.


Further ahead of the Pub is the bar, almost most of the crowd you would find there, it’s stacked with almost what you feel like trying.


The motto of the Pub is Love, Peace, Rock n Roll and that’s evident from everything in and around

After settling down, we started by ordering some drinks to begin our evening with.

I ordered [email protected]# It down mocktail:

It was sweet and sour and has strawberry and lemon taste, with mint and soda. It’s quite refreshing after a hectic day

[email protected]# It down

Fruit Punch:

It was thick and creamy, the mocktail was a mix of Strawberry crush, Orange Juice, Mango Juice, Pine apple Juice and Ice cream. If you like creamy mocktail than this is a definite order.

Fruit Punch

My friends started with Long Island Ice Tea cocktail:

It was quite strong as it had  Vodka, White Rum, Tequila and Gin, which makes it a little strong along with Lime Juice and Cointreau.

Long Island Ice Tea cocktail

Mohito cocktail:

If you like Mohito then this is quite a perfect drink, which is a mix of white Rum, Mint leaves, Lemon Wedges and Sugar syrup. The Mohito lover on our table loved it.


Overall FTN has quite a nice collection of cocktails and mocktails and they do have lots of happy hours going on continually with drinks starting from INR 67, INR 87 and so on, which makes it favorable for an everyday and any day visit.

Coming down to the Appetizers, we started with some lip-smacking kebabs, Chicken Reshmi Kebab, it was moist, very smooth and was properly marinated to perfection, making it melt in your mouth.

Chicken Reshmi Kebab

Next was Chicken Pahadi Kebab:

It was a little tough and strong and would go well with a strong cocktail, it was ok but Reshmi kebab stole the show.

Chicken Pahadi Kebab

Smoked Paneer:

One of the best Paneer I tasted for sure, the smoky taste and the crispyness was making it taste delectable. It’s totally a must try.

Smoked Paneer

Paneer Chilly:

It was quite like the normal Paneer chilly you get at various restaurants, nothing extraordinary and had got the basics right at one of the Pubs in Malad.

Paneer Chilly

Peri Peri Prawns:

The Peri sauce with perfectly cooked prawns was delicious. For lazy peeps like me only drawback is that the shell at the extreme end needs to be removed.

Peri Peri Prawns

Arrabaita Pasta:

The Pasta was serve with little vegetables, perfectly cooked in tomato sauce and garnished with cheese. Making it the kind I prefer.

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Arrabaita Pasta

Aglio E  Olio Pasta:

Like it should be, it was dry, cooked with broccoli, Capsicum, baby corn and cheese, It you like dry Pasta then go for it, else you can miss it.

Aglio E Olio Pasta

When you talk about Pubs in Malad. FTN totally scored on the food they serve, drinks they make, and the kind and helpful staff they have. The music just makes the entry experience much more preferential. The place is pocket friendly, truly making it your everyday local PUB.

Try it once to know what I mean 🙂

For more details or reservations:
FTN, Nisha Palace, Rajanpada,
Opposite Goregaon Sports Club,
Link Road, Malad West
+91 9821157759
+91 7738365395

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