Café Mojo in Andheri

When it comes to Friday night, it’s indeed the most awaited night of the week and thus has to be special. So last week we thought of exploring some new place and finally zeroed down to Café Mojo. The café is easy to find and one of the coolest places in Andheri East.

This lounge in Andheri is at a mere 10 minutes walk from Chakala metro station or 4.5 km from Andheri station.

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Located on the second floor of the Goldfinch hotel, the ambiance is warm, pleasant, and English in many ways with a modern architect. On either of the sides are the sitting arrangements in retro style, the one you see in a cowboy movie with a build-in beer dispenser on each table. At the center, they have a huge sofa set and a live DJ at one corner and an open bar fully stocked on the other end of the hall. They also have a rooftop section that greets the smokers with some amazing flavored Sheeshas.

Lounge in Andheri

Service is impeccable the one you won’t regret. The bartenders were fun to talk about the highlight of the evening. Juggling, Tossing, Passing, etc. This lounge in Andheri makes you almost on the edge, feeling, Please don’t drop!.

Bar stocked in Andheri

Drinks at this Lounge in Andheri

While I enjoyed some cold drinks and a tangy orange mocktail, my friends were busy experimenting with their hard drinks. You tell the bartender what you want, how you want and it will be done, they kept praising the bar and their experimented-combination drinks the entire evening. I personally thanked the staff for being an amazing host.

Drinks at this Lounge in Andheri

By now I was extremely hungry, so we started with C3-Balls and Pesto-BBQ Mushroom, both were served hot in exquisite serving dishes. C3 balls came with a mayo dip on the side trust me when I say you can eat anything with it. The C3 was crunchy, cheesy, and defiantly mouthful.

Snack time
C3 – Balls

The mushrooms were very well roasted and the pesto sauce texture was finger-licking in all sense.

Vegetarian Starter
Pesto – BBQ Mushroom

Next was the Chicken Wings:

Well cooked, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Tossed and cooked in BBQ sauce made them the perfect chicken wing I ever had. The best part is the way they serve their dishes on a thin black marble-slab with a side dressing of mayo and lettuce.

Lounge in Andheri
Chicken Wings

Lamb Balls:

Personally, I’m not a big fan of lamb, but I would still suggest everyone try the Lamb Balls. When I tasted them it had an explosion of tastes in my mouth with all the spices, it had a perfect blend of sauce and lamb.

Lamb Balls in Andheri
Lamb balls

Next, we tried the Peri-peri chicken –

Grilled boneless pieces marinated in peri sauce.
The chicken was coated in spicy sauces, which gave a strong spicy flavor taste in every bit.

Lounge in Andheri
Peri Peri Chicken

BBQ-chicken pizza

Pizzas unlike normally were also served on a slab with pizza slices arranged opposite to each other and in 2 parallel lines. They use the Italian thin crust pizza base which was baked perfectly. The BBQ-chicken pizza had small pieces of smoky chicken with a whole lot of cheese with a tangy flavor of BBQ sauce.

Pizza in Mumbai
BBQ – Chicken Pizza

While the farmhouse pizza had a strong spicy taste, which was just how I or any spicy lover would prefer.

FarmHouse Pizza
Farm House Pizza

How can you go to the café and not dance? After 10 pm the café started playing some great Bollywood songs again the kind I like 😉 So our entire gang had then ganged up on the dance floor. The people at the café were quite nice and decent making the entire experience quite comfortable and enjoyable. Everyone danced together on some popular songs.

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This Lounge in Andheri called Café Mojo has Scrumptious food, English ambiance, mind-blowing drinks, and happening songs. A deadly combo that one shouldn’t miss. Looks like I found a new place to hang out regularly. What about you guys? Do share your views in the comment stream below

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  1. Shirish Dave says:

    The images makes me want to explore the place. The way it’s reviewed is quite tempting with these many good food options and love the images that depicts the place. It’s a must visit for all the foodies

    1. Thank you so much Shirish, glad you liked the review and my style of writing 🙂 Happy Reading

  2. Rahul Ningot says:

    Good read, nicely written. Now I am tempted to visit this place, probably, this weekend. looks like this guys are trying something new. Thank you Afreen 🙂

    1. I am glad you liked the blog Ningot, anytime when you’re planning, let me know i’ll be happy to join ^_^ Thank you!

  3. Prachi sawant says:

    Aftr reading this review..i eagrly fln n wana explre this plc ..espcly aftr 10 pm ..hw cn i miss food widout the music n a dance flr ..i wud love to go wid our grp n evn wud love to njoi ovr thre..

    1. Ohh so happy to know that you liked the review and the place, I am sure our mad group will totally love the place and music.. Let’s plan soon ^_^

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