When vitamin deficiency causes skin problems, try these valuable tips

Did you know? Our bodies can talk too. No, I don’t mean to startle you. They do not talk to us directly but have a way to inform us when things are going well or bad. When we exercise and eat well, our body gets toned and we feel energized. When we barely move and eat wrong, we feel tired, bloated, and low on energy. The root cause of all these problems is vitamin deficiency.

To know your body better, practising the science of healthy living is best. You can follow a few good habits to practice healthy living such as those written below and even check my earlier post on the science of healthy living:

When vitamin deficiency causes skin problems, try these valuable tips
When vitamin deficiency causes skin problems, try these valuable tips
  1. Healthy eating – To ensure that your body creates a solid defense against illnesses.
  2. Physical exercise – To ensure that there is a boost in your fitness level.
  3. Excluding processed sugar, junk food, and alcohol – Apart from eating well and staying fit, avoiding these items will only help your body get better with time.

For those who follow this ritual, I am proud of you. And for the rest like me, well I am sure we can get there soon. People who do not follow healthy living can end up getting multiple health problems.

When our body does not get the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly, it lowers our defense against illnesses.

Yes, there are many vitamins and a deficiency in any vitamin can be detrimental to your health, especially your skin. Skin problems are often caused by vitamin deficiency.

Here are a few skin problems that are caused by vitamin deficiency.

Tips to reduce skin problems due to vitamin deficiency:

Here, we will mention the skin problems, and the associated vitamin deficiency and give you tips to focus on reducing these problems through vitamin boosts.

1.      Pimples and acne:

Vitamin deficiency can wreak havoc on your delicate skin. When your body is low on vitamins, it affects your skin in multiple ways. Your body gets more prone to rashes, acne, dry skin, cracked lips and wrinkles. What’s worse is that your skin gets sensitive to the sun causing redness. Even your favorite skin care products might affect your skin, causing irritation.

The solution: Vitamin B

Often, these effects are caused by a Vitamin B deficiency. Skin health is essential and hence having ample Vitamin B benefits your skin. As our skin constantly regenerates, it is essential to boost skin health. This vitamin focuses on cell renewal and stress relief. This means you can get healthy skin without stressing.

Food items to add for Vitamin B: Dairy products, fish, chicken, and leafy vegetables.

2.      Skin inflammation:

In most cases, the skin gets dry, there is inflammation, then wrinkles, and ultimately leads to age spots. All of these are connected with a vitamin deficiency that can worsen your skin health over time.

The solution: Vitamin C

Vitamin C often does not stay in our bodies for a long time. Hence, we must focus on consuming Vitamin C consistently. Apart from its bad effects on our bodies, it affects the skin drastically. This vitamin plays a key role in collagen production, which is essential in keeping your skin healthy. Hence, add enough Vitamin C to your diet for the best skin health.

Food items to add for Vitamin C: Oranges, strawberries, spinach, and broccoli.

3.      Skin ageing and dryness:

When the body runs low on vitamins, it affects your bones and skin alike. In some cases, it leads to dryness When your body is low on this specific vitamin, it can also cause acne breakouts and make your skin age more quickly than usual.

The solution: Vitamin D

Vitamin D boasts anti-inflammatory properties that help in boosting skin health. This can help in protecting your skin from ageing quickly, dryness and psoriasis. Overall, this is a vitamin that has multiple benefits not just for your skin but also for your body.

Food items to add for Vitamin D: Oatmeal, mushrooms, yoghurt, and soy milk.

4.      Increasing wrinkles:

The reduction of vitamins in your body can also lead to wrinkles. Over time, these keep increasing which are clear signs of a deficiency. Other skin disorders set in too such as dry skin and early ageing. This vitamin is needed in abundance to combat sun damage on your skin.

The solution: Vitamin E

The benefit of Vitamin E is that it absorbs sun damage done to your skin. This saves your skin from redness and irritation. Apart from this, it conditions your skin and improves its health.

Food items to add for Vitamin E: Leafy vegetables, papaya, nuts, and dry fruits.

5.      Dark spots and under-eye circles:

Another major problem on our skin is the visible dark spots and under-eye circles. This leads to dullness in our skin and might even cause spots. Overall, this vitamin deficiency refrains your body to heal from multiple skin issues, bruising, and swelling.

The solution: Vitamin K (H3)

A good intake of Vitamin K can treat not one but multiple skin conditions. This includes sensitivity and boosting the overall health of your skin. It also protects the collagen on your skin which makes it appear more bright and more youthful.

Food items to add for Vitamin K: Sprouts, eggs, asparagus, and kale.

What can I do to avoid vitamin deficiency and boost it instead?

Now that you know how you can boost your vitamin intake, there is something else that can enhance your journey to good skin health. Yes, healthy food is the best way to get glowing skin. But adding Perfectil, the Triple Active Beauty Multivitamin tablet is one of the best ways to get an all-in-one solution to good skin health.

Whether it is your skin, nail, or hair health, these tablets have all the required nutrients to help with vitamin deficiency and boost skin health. The best part is, their claims are back by clinical trials too!

Perfectil -Triple Active Beauty Multivitamin tablet
Perfectil -Triple Active Beauty Multivitamin tablet

As I said at the beginning of this post I am yet to be regular in maintaining good health, but Perfectil has been my companion in the journey of good skin, hair and nails. It’s been 2 months since I am enjoying the benefits of these tablets and I even talked about the functions of zinc, biotin and selenium present in it on my social channels.

Once we understand the science behind healthy living, following up becomes easy for all. Would you like to check which vitamin is best for you? You may take 3 steps test to find your customized vitamin recommendations.

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  1. Kapila says:

    Many of us are oblivious that skin problems can be due to vitamin deficiency, thank you for sharing such valuable information.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Always happy to share!

  2. Rihana says:

    Perfectil can balance all kinds of vitamin deficiency.

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      A perfect one and all solution for skin, hair and nail health

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    My under-eye circles are really bad. I think I’ll give perfectil a try.

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      Its for overall skin health not specifically for under eyes, pls do consult your doctor first

  4. Ravi says:

    Will definitely try to consume more yogurt and mushroom as I have really dry skin.

  5. Karthick says:

    Vitamin deficieny is one big problem that needs to be controlled. Your post gives the best solution

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    Our skin needs plenty of care and nutrition to look and feel healthy.

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    Perfectil is a beauty multivitamin that will help to overcome vitamin defiency.

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    I am consuming Perfectil for a month now. Hopeful to see positive results soon

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    Vitamin deficiency is really difficult to catch unless it’s massive.

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      And then repair is intensive, its always better to be conscious beforehand

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    Perfectil is in the businees for more than 25 years and I am looking forward to try it myself

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    There are so many issues when you have vitamin and mineral deficiency

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    Excessive sugars and processed foods wreak havoc on your skin.

  13. Kajal says:

    Explanatory post. The writer has worked very hard.

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  14. Babita says:

    Balanced diet is the best. But a busy schedule can put it on the back seat.

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      In today’s time, additional supplements are a must

  15. Reena says:

    I do have acne for quite some time now. But never knew it was because of vitamin B deficiency

  16. Vitamins are so important for skin too and we often forget about it.

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      There can be other elements at play too, pls do consult with your doctor

  17. Pradeep says:

    Diet and vitamins can do wonders for our skin.

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    Perfectil looks promising, gotta try this.

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  19. I am using Perfectil too and have seen the amazing results.

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    Vitamin are very important to live a trouble-free life

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      True, Nutrients and Vitamins are extremely important

  21. Helpful tips to reduce vitamins deficiency to treat skincare problems.

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      Thank you

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