All about Arth Restaurant Khar

Want to be close to Earth and Ancient India, then Arth is the place for, known for its décor done by celebrity Interior designer Mrs. Gauri Khan. Arth is a place to revive the lost touch with ancient India. As it brings you the long-lost age-old days cooking technique. Know all about Arth Restaurant Khar, about 1 KMS away from the Khar station.

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Arth Restaurant Khar
Arth Restaurant Khar

All about Arth Restaurant Khar

Arth is a 2 story restaurant, with a lounge on the ground floor which only has people in few tables. When I visited and fine dining on a level above, having a cage seating in the center and comfortable grey upholstered couches for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The service is a little slow, where you need to keep reminding the service. So go when you have a decent time at hand.

Khichiya Papad
Khichiya Papad

The restaurant welcomes you with a Complementary welcome drink. Kanji, the seasonal winter drink has black carrot and beetroot along with Khichiya Papad. Which serve with green chutney and red chili and garlic chutney.

Berry Without at Arth Restaurant Khar
Berry Without

We started with Berry Without:

It’s a berry puree with a white egg and garnishes with Star anise. A great drink with balanced taste to start your meal for sure.

Chameleon Fizz
Chameleon Fizz

Chameleon Fizz:

Just like a chameleon the drink changes its color. The blue peas Tea infuse ice cubes are served in a glass. Which further needs to pour with lemon juice and Tonic. On pouring it changes colour from blue to purple and hence called Chamoleone Fizz.

 Prawn Smoked at Arth Restaurant Khar
Prawn Smoked

In appetizers we started with Prawn Smoked:

4 prawns were served on a bed of sugarcane and cherry wood, garnish with radish, the prawns are chewy, and needs some efforts to eat.

Fish Chargrilled
Fish Chargrilled

Fish Chargrilled:

Bhetki (Barramundi) fish from Kolkatta serve boneless. Marinate in Tanga Mura, red chili, and top with edible Mejenga leaf.

Mutton Pathar ka Gosht at Arth Restaurant Khar
Mutton Pathar ka Gosht

Mutton Pathar ka Gosht:

Serve in a Pathar, the mutton is a cook in onion, garlic, ginger. Is finely cook with balanced flavors and serves with Dill and garlic chive chutney. The chutney is quite spicy and gives you that perfect fire.


In mains, we tried the Deomali:

Bamboo smoked mutton is served in bamboo. There is Alpinia leaf wrap Jasmine rice (the rice is a little sticky). It goes well with the gravy and finely cooked boneless pieces of mutton.

Kaali Gajar Ka Halwa at Arth Restaurant Khar
Kaali Gajar Ka Halwa

In desserts, we had Kaali Gajar Ka Halwa:

The black carrots import from Thailand and made into a pudding, garnished with Rabdi and chopped Pistachio.

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All about Arth Restaurant Khar.

Overall, visit Arth for a luxurious evening, reviving some olden days cooking, while enjoying some amazing mocktails.

For more information or reservation:
Arth, 604, P D Hinduja Junction,
15th Road, Khar, Mumbai
Call: +91 9594060038
022 26001664
Cost for two:
INR 2500-2800

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