Jia – The Oriental Kitchen

Jia in Chinese means “Good, auspicious, beautiful”, 家  Jiā also means “home, family”, and let me tell you, Jia – The Oriental Kitchen gives you exactly that, it’s beautiful whether you look at the walls, ceilings, décor, or the staff, everything there speaks goodness and beauty. Jia located right behind The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and right next to Pizza Express is about 2.7 kms away from the Churchgate station.


Jia is two storeys, beautiful which dominant gray colour covering the walls, ceiling, upholstery. The décor is a fine example of elegance and sophistication. The place has dim light, perfect to go on a date or that special meal with special people, while enjoying, Japanese, Thai and modern Chinese dishes.

Ginger Passion

After settling in, we had called for the mocktails; Ginger Passion: A drink which has perfect taste of fresh ginger with a hint of passion fruit syrup and lemon sprite. Refreshing and tasty and highly recommended if you like drinks overloaded with ginger.

Blueberry Bliss

Blueberry Bliss: This milk-based mocktail has fresh Blueberries, Apple Juice and Pineapple Juice. It’s heavy and quite filling, at the same time quite tasty.

Dragon Daquiri

Dragon Daquiri: A perfect blend of Fresh Strawberry juice, Sprite, and Lemon Squash, with a nicely salt-rimmed, to give you that perfect mix of taste.

Crispy Duck Spring Roll
Crispy Duck Spring Roll

Next we tried, Crispy Duck Spring Roll from Dimsums section; The crispy roll was perfect golden stuffed with thoroughly cooked duck. It’s crunchy with each bite giving a mix of flavors and taste.

Pan Fried Chicken Dumpling

Pan Fried Chicken Dumpling: The dumpling was perfectly cooked with a thin coating on the outside makes the dumpling delicious and on point, highly recommended.

Jia Special Roll

Jia Special Roll from Sushi section: Jia special Sushi is something that even a non Sushi lover would appreciate, the Crispy Prawn Tempura filled with Avocado and topped with home-made sauce, makes the entire Sushi super delicious and tasty to have, its crunchy on the outside and the sauce does overshadow the raw subtle flavour of the sushi, perfect for people new to Sushi as well as a treat for Sushi lovers.

Teriyaki Chicken

In Appetizers we tried, Teriyaki Chicken: The chicken chunks are succulent and are cooked in Teriyaki Sauce along with mixed bell Peppers and onions and are sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Crispy Prawns with Burnt garlic

Crispy Prawns with Burnt garlic and almond flakes: The prawns are topped with Golden fried garlic and almond flakes giving the perfect crispiness to the dish, prawns are perfectly cooked in Tobanjan Sauce and are palatable.

Five Treasure Mushroom fried rice

In Main Course, we had Five Treasure Mushroom fried rice cooked with Truffle oil, light and loaded with mushroom best tried with Kind Prawn which is cooked in Tobanjan Chili Sauce tossed in chunks of onions and served along with Prawn shells.

Milk Chocolate Praline
Milk Chocolate Praline

No meal can conclude without the dash of sweetness, so we tried Milk Chocolate Praline, the praline was very soft, smooth and delicious. Not very sweet and wasn’t heavy, something that goes perfectly with the heavy meal.

Overall, visit Jia for the love of Oriental food, to be enjoyed in the best dining setup coupled with the most courteous staff.

For more details and reservations:
Jia –The Oriental Kitchen
2, Dhanraj Mahal, C. S. Marg, Colaba, Mumbai
Call: 022 30151152
Cost: 2500

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