Vegetarian Restaurant & Bar with staycation in Andheri

On my leisure trip to Hotel Aureole, nothing was more comforting and convenient than having my lunch at Lume All Day Café, a premier European restaurant. This Veg Restaurant in Mumbai serves delectable vegetarian meals for all to enjoy to the fullest.

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Veg Restaurant in Mumbai

The great value for a restaurant with a vast variety of options; has almost something to satiate your hunger. The place is calm, comforting with a huge TV screen, to make you feel at home.

Veg Restaurant in Mumbai
Blueberry blast

We started with Blueberry blast:

It’s refreshing, not very sweet, top with soda. A great drink to start your meal. Definitely try!

Veg Caesar Salad
Classic Veg Caeser Salad

Classic Veg Caeser Salad:

Fresh veggies like Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, etc are toss nicely, giving you a healthy portion of the meal to begin your lunch.

Paneer Chilli at Veg Restaurant in Mumbai
Paneer Chilli

Paneer Chilli:

Cottage cheese chunks along with onion and capsicum are toss with Schezwan chili sauce.

Tandoori Aloo
Tandoori Aloo

Tandoori Aloo:

Baby Potatoes are cut into two halves and toss with chilli and Indian spices. Top with cashew nut and Scallion. I loved this one for sure.

Evergreen Paneer tikka and  Jalepinos
Evergreen Paneer tikka and  Jalepinos

Evergreen Paneer tikka and  Jalepinos:

The Pizza is thin crust, load with a layer of Parmesan cheese. Top with Paneer and Jalapenos and sparkle with crush chilli. Try this if you love cheese.

Daal Khichdi at Veg Restaurant in Mumbai
Daal Khichdi

Daal Khichdi:

It was served piping hot, tasty and totally on point. Though the pickle and fry papad that is usually served with daal Khichdi was a miss.

Strawberry Cheese Cake at Veg Restaurant in Mumbai
Strawberry Cheese Cake

Now coming to the end of the meal, we call for Strawberry Cheese Cake. The cake is perfect with cheesy, creamy, dense and just perfect. Heaven for strawberry lovers.

Chef’s Special

Chef’s Special:

Chocolates of a different kind, gems, marshmallow and brownie is served in a bowl full of chocolate. Further on which hot chocolate is poured and serve. Try it if you’re a chocolate lover.

I had tried Lume while staying at Aureole Hotel. Click here to read all more about my stay. Try Lume, Veg Restaurant in Mumbai for its power-packed sections. Further fill with great vegetarian food, to enjoy anytime, whether in between work or while relaxing.

For more details or reservations:
Hotel Aureole, Near Andheri East Station, Mumbai
Call: 022 33951623
Cost for two: 800 without alcohol

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