Lord of the Drinks – Now in Andheri!

The famous Lord of the drinks outlets which are committed to serve and delight the patrons with great fusion food and a dining experience that matches no other has opened its first outlet in Mumbai, at Andheri Lokhandwala, which is just 1.7 kms away from the DN nagar metro station.

Outdoor seating
Indoor Seating – Level 0
Indoor Seating – Level 1

Priyank Sukhija, owner of Lord of the drinks and the serial Restaurateur who owns 25 restaurants in the Capital and two in Pune and 2 in Mumbai always gives you the best. Lord of the drinks spread across a sprawl of 9,000 sq. ft. having two floored indoor seatings and spacious outdoor seating on the ground level.


The ambience is quirky, unique with a lot of detailing to each aspect, a place that lets you time travel to a different and relaxing atmosphere.

We started with our long brunch by ordering a handful of drinks, as the place is a heaven for any type of drink.

Melon Cooler

Melon Cooler: The Watermelon base mocktail is served in the jar is quite refreshing with kaffir lime flavor and topped with flavored soda.

Guava Delight

Guava Delight: Guava Pineapple juice infused with Tabasco, black petter, lemon and served with salt on the edge of the glass for the perfect taste with each sip, highly recommended for sure.

Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue: The litchi crushed mocktail has blue and sparkling lime and gives the sweet, citric taste, perfect to go with any munchies.

Lentil Shorba (Veg)

Lentil Shorba (Veg): The black lentil is spiked with fennel and garnished with Coriander and served with thin, crisp Italian breadsticks (Seasalt Grissini).

Tender Coconut Galangal Soup (Veg)

Tender Coconut Galangal Soup (Veg):  The creamy coconut broth has a distinct presence of Thai Galangal and bird eye chili essence served with crispy noodles and coconut slices, the perfect Thai soup.

Lord of Fries (Veg)

Lord of Fries (Veg): The perfectly cooked fries toss in sweet chili sauce, and garnished with white sesame and caramelized onions, served with crispy fried noodles.

Mutton Baida Roti Bolognese

Mutton Baida Roti Bolognese: The Baida roti is with the Italian twist, more of a roll format unlike the traditional squares, the fusion food had the perfect fry, but the filling is a little moist with the presence of Bolognese sauce. Order for its uniqueness and fusion and not for its authenticity.

Mutton Baida Roti Bolognese

Dill Chicken Dimsum: The moon shaped Chicken Dimsum, soft, moist and served with two sauces; Burnt Chili oil giving out a hint of garlic, ginger and Kafi lime flavor and second is Spring onions dipped in black pepper.

Non Veg Tandoori Platter

Non Veg Tandoori Platter: A perfect heaven for non vegetarians having 4 steaks, namely; Chicken Achari Tikka, Chicken Lasuni tikka, Mutton Gilafi Seekh Kebab and Peeli Mirch Fish tikka. The kebabs were juicy, tender and perfectly cooked.

Chhote ka Biryani

Chhote ka Biryani: The Lamb Biryani is authentically cooked in Indian spices and spiked with Jalapeno and sun-dried tomato and served with Dahi Raita and roasted rolled Papad.

Pan Ice Cream Martini

Pan Ice Cream Martini: The ice cream is spiked in Paan flavor and rose dust, the ice cream is garnished with Betel leaf and betel nut silver to give you the authentic paan taste with each bite, its topped with Rabdi Shot, one of my personal favorites to definitely try.

Malpua Lasagne with French toast

Malpua Lasagne with French toast: The perfect Italian twist to the very famous Malpua. The Dalchini Malpua has a thick layer of cream cheese rabri and garnished with kiwi (Something that is rare, yet delicious) is served with French Baguette toast. The kind of Malpua you would have never had anywhere before.

Lord of the drinks has something to satiate each and every palate; their fusion menu is thoughtfully crafted for all the foodies.

For more information or reservation:

Lord of the Drinks,
Ground Floor, Aver House,
New Link Road,
Veera Desai Area, Mumbai
Call: 22 33716064

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