Best Non Chinese Smartphone under 15000

What is the importance of a smartphone in your life?

A. Not so important.
B. Need for daily working.
C. Need it to survive

Most of us will choose option C as thinking of a life without smartphones is not possible. It is safe to say that a smartphone is perhaps the most important and indispensable gadget of our generation.

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Whether it becomes a need or a desire we keep switching smartphones as frequently as 6 months to 1 year. So, keeping this in mind.

I thought to share some Best Non Chinese Smartphones under 15000.

So you can choose which one you can purchase next for either yourself or your family. 

Made in India smartphone and Non Chinese smartphones are in increasing demand due to the brewing tension between Indian and China. But I hate to break the news that we love Chinese phones the most. If you don’t believe me, here’s a list of Chinese Smartphones we have been so used to buying from.

  • Xiaomi
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • RedMi
  • RealMe
  • Poco
  • OnePlus 

I’m sure most of you will find a smartphone from this list that you or your family member owns. The reason for this is costing. We Indians love low-cost mobiles and these Chinese brands tap into our need and create smartphones that give amazing features at less cost.

Hence, we hardly look at the other options that are available and better.

So today, I will share the “Best Non Chinese Smartphone under 15000” list with you. Let me know if this helped you and if you want more options too.

1. Samsung Galaxy M30s (White) for ₹14,999

Best Non Chinese Smartphone under 15000

There was a time when people considered Samsung to give phones that were,

  • best smartphone camera under 20000
  • best smartphone camera under 15000

While new brands came and overtook them for a while, they bounced back and have some amazing phones with the best cameras. If you can increase your budget and are looking for the best smartphone in India under 30000, then don’t worry as Samsung has your back!

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As for the Galaxy M30s, here are some of its features:

RAM – 4GB + 64GB ROM | 4GB + 128GB ROM | 6GB + 128GB ROM
Display – 6.4 inches Super AMOLED
Camera – 48+8+5MP Rear | 16 MP Front (Selfie)
Battery  – 6000 mAh
Processor – Exynos 9611

2. LG Q60 (Moroccan Blue) for INR13,499

Best Non Chinese Smartphone under 15000

LG is a Korean company founded in 1958. This brand is well known in the electronics segment and they also shined in the smart-phone industry. So much that at one point, this brand was known to provide the best smartphone without heating problem 2019. The Q60 is your budget phone from a brand that spans more than 60+ years of existence. Here are some of its features.

RAM – 3GB + 64GB ROM
Display – 6.26 inches IPS LCD
Camera – 16+5+2MP Rear | 13 MP Front (Selfie)
Battery – 3500 mAh
Processor – Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22

3. Nokia 5.3 for INR 13,999

Nokia 5.3

Now, who doesn’t know Nokia? Founded in Finland in 1865, at one point in time, Nokia was considered as the best smartphone brand in India. But as Android took over, they fell off from the top position and have never been able to defeat the competition. However, since 2019, they have come out with amazing made in India phones. This Best Non Chinese Smartphone under 15000 was just released in India a few weeks ago on July 24, 2020. Here are the features of this amazing phone.

RAM – 4GB + 64GB ROM
Screen – 6.55 inches IPS LCD
Camera – 13+5+5+2MP Rear | 8 MP Front (Selfie)
Battery – 4000 mAh
Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 665

4. Lava Z81 (Black, 16 GB) (2 GB RAM) at INR: 7250

Made in India Smartphone

Since 2009, Lava has made its name in the market as a Made in India Smartphone brand that creates phones within the 10,000 budget. Yes, it is safe to say that LAVA is one of the best smartphones in India under 10000. So if you’re looking for the Best Non Chinese Smartphone under 15000, the Z81 will surely catch your interest. Here are some of its cool features.

RAM – 2GB + 16GB ROM | 3GB + 32GB ROM
Screen – 5.7 inches IPS LCD
Camera – 13 MP Rear | 13 MP (Selfie)
Battery – 3000 mAh
Processor – Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22

5. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 16GB for INR 9999

Best Non Chinese Smartphone under 15000

Founded in 1989, Asus is a Taiwan based company that has been serving audiences all over the world with its technology offerings. Very soon, they entered the smart-phone space. If you’re looking for made in India smartphone brands then Asus is exactly what you need. Here are some of the amazing features of Zenfone Max Pro M2.

RAM – 3GB + 32GB ROM | 4GB + 64GB ROM | 6GB + 64GB ROM
Screen – 6.26 inches IPS LCD
Camera – 12+5MP Rear | 13 MP (Selfie)
Battery – 5000 mAh
Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 

Here’s my “Best Non Chinese Smartphone under 15000” list. 

Do you own any phone from this list or have a favorite? If yes, then do let me know. Also, if you think I should add any phone to this list, please feel free to leave your suggestions below.

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  1. vidur says:

    Out of this list, i would bet on the samsung as it seems to have the best specs….at least on paper

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s a nice choice

  2. Ramya says:

    I liked the Nokia 5.3, it has an amazing battery life 4000MH. I am glad to know that LG is back and has pepped up the game. Good collection of phones.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Couldn’t agree more

  3. These are some good brands that are Non-Chinese. Nokia of course was a leader till the Chinese smartphones broke their monopoly. Samsung and LG too are good brands and worth investing.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:


  4. Have been using the Asus Zenfone Max pro M1 for 2 years now and it hasn’t shown any problem yet. But the fact that I bought it 2 years ago, I paid more than the current M2 price. From this list, I loved the specs of Samsung. Will keep it in mind if I want to change my current phone.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great to hear

  5. Sundeep says:

    Thanks for sharing informative article. I am looking to buy non chinese phone and I really love to buy Nokia 5.3 heard a lot of good reviews. Thanks for recommending these non chinese brand phones

  6. I really all these non-chinese branded phones. Using Samsung since long and never felt any problem as such. Good recommendations.

  7. This is an amazing ready reckoner for anyone who wishes to by non-Chinese phones. Great compilation!

  8. Sanjay Thampy says:

    If there’s a will, there’s a way, that’s the old saying.
    But it’s proved that if we really want to avoid Chinese products because there are many indian products which are available as alternative options.

  9. Manisha Garg says:

    Thanks for sharing this list. Samsung M30s is a very good suggestion with excellent features and quality of Samsung.

  10. Raksha N says:

    My mom definitely needs a new phone and this post is so helpful for me at the moment. I will show one of these phones to her and order the one she needs. Thank you for this.

  11. Well well, Samsung is showing its class with budget oriented phones. The M30s is indeed a beast in the making. Thanks for the list.

  12. Nidhi Gupta says:

    This blog is the need-of-the-hour. Recently when i had to buy a phone and looking for non-Chinese phone in budget range was a challenge. Finally i bought Samsung M31.

  13. Farhat says:

    This is such a cool listicle. All the phones that you have listed are amazing choices in themselves. But if I’ve to choose, I’ll probably go with Samsung Galaxy M30s. It sure packs a lot in that price range.

  14. I think Samsung and Asus seem like good options from this list! I’m sure it’ll definitely be helpful for those looking for a new phone. but I’m a die hard OnePlus fan, Chinese or not!

  15. Afreen Ansari says:

    Couldn’t agree more

  16. Wow… do you remember a time when Nokia held the entire market. The others combined could not have had more than 10 percent of the market share in India… from there, we have reached this stage… I too admit I come under the China phone category for years (a One Plus fan)

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Can totally relate to you 😊

  17. This post is very important especially when we are fed up of China and want to start a fresh.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Indeed. Some options to look forward to ☺️

    2. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great to know

  18. Manas Mukul says:

    Great informative and detailed post. I like the way you have structured the page. Pretty Slick. Nice.

    #MyFriendAlexa #Jokerophilia

  19. Afreen Ansari says:

    Thanks.. glad that you liked it

  20. Afreen Ansari says:

    Could understand. As we have grown up using nokia

  21. I have never used Chinese smartphone brand in my life. I have either used Nokia or Samsung. I also support that Boycott made in Cina movement and I am glad that you shared these smartphones.

  22. Chandresh says:

    Good to see all the options at 1 place , I will share this article with my friends too .

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great to know

  23. Shamik says:

    Pretty cool list actually. When I was planning to buy a mobile for my wife I was looking to read something of this sort. This will help many who are planning to buy a smartphone. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s really great to know

  24. Aditya says:

    Sometimes, I feel there should be more to this #BanChina thing. Having Indian industry manufacturing goods for their own instead of just being production place for other European / American or Japanese company will be far better goal to achieve. Hope will lead to that soon.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      It’s always a step at a time and a long road ahead.

  25. Afreen Ansari says:

    Exactly. That’s why listed these options ☺️

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