10 Games for kids and Adults during Home quarantine

A week was ok, but now with each passing day, being at home and seeing the same people can get monotonous and lead to supreme boredom. Being productive or getting involved in activities that involve kids and adults alike can be difficult too. Hence, I had to find a solution; not just for me but for every single soul on this planet!

Here are 10 Games for kids and Adults during Home quarantine to spend your time and enjoy being with family and friends.

A list of handpicked games that are my personal favorite. You can play these at home or through apps with kids and adults. It’s getting difficult to keep doing something that can entertain and keep everyone happy. Here every family member involved, happy and competitive at their best.

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Board games create a different encouraging and winning atmosphere that gets everyone involved; one wouldn’t know how time has passed quickly. Firstly, Don’t think these are just board games to play at home with kids. Secondly, Its also something that Adults play and enjoy these as much as kids. Lastly, Whether Married or in a live-in relation, old or young. There are many couples of games too, that you can play at home”!

Time to play the best 10 Games for kids and Adults during the Home quarantine. There are a mix of board games as well as app games, to suit everyone’s need.

10 Games for kids and Adults during Home quarantine

1.Monopoly (10 Games for kids and Adults during Home quarantine):

One can learn how to make deals at a very tender age. Moreover, there are various versions of this game, and the more you play the more competitive you get. Above all, this is perfect to channelize yourself & your kids’ energy.

2. Sequence:

This is a unique board game that needs to be played with an even number of players i.e. 2, 4, or 6. It does involve everyone to use their brains to create a different sequence. Breaking other sequences while making yours can get very interesting. Personally, this is one of my personal favorites.

3. Jenga:

If you wish to understand what balance in life means, Jenga is the game for you. The game is all about you maintaining balance & making it difficult for the other players. In addition, Try the truth and dare edition for added fun. Further, With each cube that you remove, there’s a task associated with it. This makes the game even more interesting.

4. Uno:

Friendships and relationships of all kinds have broken when a game involving no cards have been played. Here simply playing a “Draw 4” and/or a “Draw 2” card can end multiple friendships and relations at once. 😉

5. Housie (10 Games for kids and Adults during Home quarantine):

Isn’t this classic. One person shakes the bowl and picks one number. All you pray is for your number to come on your sheet. The first one to finish their sheet wins a prize. This game keeps everyone involved, even our grandparents. The best part is that you can make your own housie game using spare sheets and enjoy it.

6. Beer Pong:

Beer pong has been a trend for today’s youth and adults. However, You place a few plastic glasses filled with beer at one side of the table. Further, You will stand at the other end with a tiny plastic ball in your hand. Moreover, your task is to put the ball within any glass or be ready for the punishment. In the end, there’s a possibility of a beer shortage. Then do play it with lime juice or whatever liquid option is available. 😉

7. Ludo:

Now, who wouldn’t remember this game? Considered as a legendary game, Ludo can be played on a board or even through an app that can involve up to 4 people. The best part, you can play online with your friends no matter where they reside globally.

8. House Party App:

Don’t have board games? No worries! Go digital with this app instead. House-party is a video calling app where you can talk to your friends and simultaneously play a game with them too. Isn’t that great? In addition, there are multiple game varieties like Heads up, Chips and Guac, Quick Draw, and Trivia.

9. Scrabble:

Scrabble is a classic word game that has been in the market for decades. Here you will be fighting on the existence of words to win and be the best. Brownie points: kids, as well as adults, also end up learning new words in the process of playing this game. You can consider this as a good game to improve your child’s diction.

10. Teen Patti:

Finally, how could we not add classic card games? Firstly, you can play the classic Solitaire, Teen Patti, Hold’em Poker, Mendikot, Pure Sequence in Rummy, etc. Secondly, there are many versions of the games to be played with one deck of poker cards. So, enjoy it!

10 games for Kids and Adults during the Home quarantine. These are some of the best games that you can play alone and with family during this quarantine period. Above all, spend your time at home, be productive, competitive, and learn to play new games. 

So, tell us, which is your favorite game from the lot?

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  1. Sudhir says:

    Very helpful

  2. Jenga and Uno are my favorite from the list. However as I live alone it’s not possible to play. Maybe I can try some online games.

  3. Wow. Totally loving the list. Playing Ludo has become one important part of my day. It’s quite lovely. However I wish that I could have friends over to play Monopoly.

  4. Mrinal Kiran says:

    I have been playing ludo and carom with my family… These games are really fun! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Rakesh mishra says:

    Yes, These are really nice games, out of all these I love teenpatti

  6. Uno and Housie are definitely favourites in my house! Loved the other options you have suggested

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