Romantic Restaurant in Mumbai

We are always looking for a Romantic Restaurant in Mumbai for special locations. What better than a restaurant that lets you travel the world while dining at one location. It doesn’t have an influence of one but any places from Egypt to Turkey to Morocco to Lebanon and obviously Greece. Dine here to get the feeling of Middle Eastern Countries while at Bayroute.

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When you enter, you will be welcomed by their beautiful decor, where each corner is so picturesque. The grandeur, the elegance, and the legacy of impeccable culinary History is all seen at Bayroute, now recently opened in Palladium. It has a two-floored seating to choose your comfort and decor. Their staff is prompt and their knowledge about the dishes too is amazing.

Feel free to ask for suggestions to make your experience better when at this Romantic Restaurant in Mumbai

We tried the following:

Hummus Bayroute:

No wonder it’s the signature Hummus. We added Dukkah Lamb to it; served with 2 baskets of Pita Bread and a platter of Pickles. It’s delicious and a meal within itself.

Romantic Restaurant in Mumbai
Hummus Bayroute


The traditional flatbread of Turkey stuffed with Ghee roast lamb, topped with Goat Cheese. It’s very filling, flavorful and an absolute must.

Kuzu Bayroute Mumbai

In drinks we tried, Labaan:

A classic middle east favorite) and Melting Milk Rose, both these traditional drinks were refreshing and tasty, we opted for the Salty version of Labaan and absolutely loved it.

Romantic Restaurant in Mumbai
Labaan and Melting Milk Rose

From Chaffee section, we tried the Istanbul Cinnamon Apple Tea.

This makes you feel like you are being transported to Istanbul. The light, refreshing, and hot drink absolutely awaken your senses.

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Istanbul Cinnamon Apple Tea
Istanbul Cinnamon Apple Tea

Looking for a Romantic Restaurant in Mumbai for any occasion or just to pamper yourself, Bayroute Palladium is the place to be.

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