24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai

Boulevard in Orchid Hotel is just like a large road running through the fancy, alluring and beautiful city, the kind that everyone would prefer to visit.

It’s a 24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai located on the first floor of Orchid Hotel.

It serves Indian and Continental to suit everyone’s need.

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24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai

The place is like a fairyland, filled with nature, where you see greens and a fountain all around. The fountain in the middle is soothing and elegant that adds to the overall place. The seatings are wooden, sophisticated, and comforting, where the service is top-notch, the kind you’ll love.

I visited this place at a little odd hour like 3:30 and still except the Tandoor everything else from the menu is available and serve fresh. I started with mocktails like:

24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai
Red Night

Red night (24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai):

This refreshing drink had 7Up, strawberry crush, and lime, quite refreshing for sure.

Temptation and Hawaiin glory
Temptation and Hawaiin glory


This was a concoction of lime juice, mango juice, and grenadine syrup which helps it in having spikes of flavors.

Hawaiin glory

A perfect blend of coconut syrup, vanilla ice-cream, strawberry crush, and pineapple juice. This is a little thick and heavy but goes well with the food.

Melon Butter Garlic Prawns
Melon Butter Garlic Prawns

In appetizers, we had, Melon Butter Garlic Prawns: Tiger Prawns sautéed in butter perfectly balanced on flavors are served on the Cajun-spiced layer of watermelon. This is the highlight dish of the evening and a must-try for all the seafood lovers.

Boulevard Chicken Salad at 24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai
Boulevard Chicken Salad

Boulevard Chicken Salad (24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai):

Boneless Chicken breast chunks, lettuce, croutons perfectly tossed in mayonnaise and topped with olives and cherry tomato makes for a perfect late lunch dish, light yet filling.

Choosa Khas Makhani
Choosa Khas Makhani

For mains, we had Choosa Khas Makhani:

Boneless chicken chunks cooked in Makhani gravy and served with phulka’s, served hot and delicious, where the sweetness is balanced well.

24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai

Nasi Goreng:

Being a Chinese lover, this is difficult to miss when at Boulevard. The Indonesian chicken fried rice topped with a sunny side up and served with Chicken Satay and Prawns cracker. The sauce and flavors are light yet delectable, recommended.

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A 24-hour running restaurant in Mumbai for a relaxing evening, topped with efficient and ever-smiling staff, Boulevard is the place to be at. It made our special day even more special.

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  1. Omar Azami says:

    This is on my list now on my next Mumbai trip

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      totally, a must visit

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