Camping & Stargazing – Dahanu

Living in a tent, enjoying DJ music, eating home cooked meals, late night chit-chat, star gazing, long walk in their 24 acre property, all at yamunavan Camp

Organic Farm in Dahanu

Enjoy the silence, breathe natural air, connect with your soul and see greenery all around. Arwa farm is perfect to unplug yourself from the mundane.

Irshalgad – One Day Monsoon Trek

Monsoon is a great time to trek and explore new mountains and the new you. Each trek gives you challenges, happiness and excitement that makes you understand yourself better. This monsoon I started my trek with Irshalgad, about 17 kms away from Panvel. It’s an easy to medium level short trek, which is quite pocket…

Beaches to Visit in Dapoli

Maharashtra and its coastal belt is all about beaches. Beaches to Visit in Dapoli – Harnai Beach, Murud Beach and Harnai – Anjarla bypass road

Pool, Spa, Gym – A Perfect Getaway!

Pool, Spa, Gym is this what makes you weekend getaway perfect? Then look no further, check this blog on where, how and for how much you can experience it.

Dapoli – Ratnagiri Part 1

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Before starting with what I explored and how the places were, let me quickly give a brief introduction about Dapoli, it’s a town in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, about 230 kms from Mumbai. You can drive down or take a Train till Ratnagiri station and then bus,…

Time to #ReImagine India

Can we re-imagine the way in which we travel, explore, shop, see and pay? There are so many ways to live our life, more seamless more comfortable and definitely more alluring! There is so much more to India. Different parts of India can make you see it differently every time and anytime. It’s time to…

Manikgad Trek

Trekking is always fun, adventurous and helps you push your own boundaries. Winter climate is more conducive for the trek, after monsoons. Made us want to step outside, so we zeroed down on Manikgad and started our trek on a Sunday. We reached the Panvel station by 7:30 am and then head to the ST…