Bombay Adda – Santacruz

Bombay Adda is definitely the Adda you would like to visit again and again, just like in olden days, adda referred to that secret meet up place for different circles. Similarly, it’s a place which is best suited to be visited with your group of friends, and I am sure you would want to make this place your adda for life.

Casual dining
Lounge Area

Located equidistant from Santacruz and Khar station; it’s about 1.1 kms from both the stations and located on the linking road. The place has a casual dining (open rooftop) space on the 9th floor and the lounge a level below.


The lounge has a rustic, metallic, grunge décor, with each corner standing out and making an appeal. The rooftop is more casual and comforting from its visual language.

Heaven’s Door

We settled on the rooftop and started our Sunday brunch with Heaven’s Door: The watermelon base drink is refreshing and stimulating; a perfect mocktail for your brunch.

Hummusa Samosa

Hummusa (Veg): Samosa’s are served in shot glasses with the base of hummus and Barghul (a kind of dried, cracked wheat) topped with small Samosa with potato filling and garnished with a fried green chilli. Highly recommended.

Vada Pav with Kolhapuri Thecha

Vada Pav with Kolhapuri Thecha: The famous Vada Pav is served with green chutney and tamarind sauce on the sides. It’s delicious and spicy just the way it’s supposed to be!

Tarbuj and Feta Salad

Tarbuj and Feta Salad: The chunks of watermelon, topped with Feta Cheese and is served with Arugula, groundnuts and pomegranate.

CCT- Adda Style

CCT- Adda Style: Cheese Chilli Toast is one of the things that can never go wrong, it was perfectly done.

Masala Fish Fingers

Masala Fish Fingers: Served piping hot, the fish fingers melt in your mouth and goes well with thick creamy Tartar sauce.

Crab Cake with Harrisa Dip

Crab Cake with Harrisa Dip: The circular cake is perfectly fried, making it golden crunchy. The crab cake is juicy and cheesy and is served with a dash of Harrisa Sauce.

Balti Spiced Chicken Skewers

Balti Spiced Chicken Skewers: Perfect marinated and then cooked tender chicken skewers are served in a glass with onions and capsicum in between and topped with Mayo and Cilantro. Try for its taste.

Chicken Lollypop

Chicken Lollypop: freshly fried lollypops were served; the lollipop had more of a coating then chicken like most of the places. So unless a lollypop fan, you can miss this one.

Keema Ghotala Pizza

Keema Ghotala Pizza: Thin based 10 inches cheesy Pizza was topped with nicely minced kheema. The pizza had the perfect blend of taste and ingredients.

Mutton Keema Pav

Mutton Keema Pav: Mutton keema made with Indian spices and served with 2 pav, chopped onion, green chutney and fried green chilly on the side, perfect for Keema lovers.


Tiramisu: The Rum based dessert is served with a biscotti in the more authentic style, the Tiramisu was soft and airy and was loved by everyone on the table.

We had Pan Masala mint and Double Apple Sheesha, both the sheesha’s were nice, smooth. You need to call in the boy few times for Koyla change as on a Sunday it was crowded and thus changing koyla would be a little time consuming affair.

Overall, a great place always super packed, perfect place to have a great time with your friends.

To know more or for reservations:
Bombay Adda:
8th Floor, Nike Showroom Showroom Linking Road,
Santacruz West, Mumbai

Call: +91 9867122223
+91 9833295444

Cost for two –INR 1800-2000

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