4 Types of Brooch that Goes with all Your Traditional Outfits

Just like most other things one encounters in life, the true beauty of ethnic fashion lies in the details. Everything right down from the fabrics, embroideries, and embellishments to the jewelry that accompanies them are what makes up a perfect traditional outfit. Similarly, for the best men’s ethnic looks you simply cannot go without a brooch for men. A brooch is an exquisite piece of jewelry that is attached to the front of an outfit, fastened by a pin or clip. This brooch for men is typically adorned with diamonds, beads and extravagant decorations to add some bling to your look.

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Available in a variety of types, you can wear a brooch for men on many different occasions for drool-worthy outfits.

Here are four of the most popular types of Brooch For Men you should take a look at:

brooch for men

1.Brooch Chains:

Elegant and royal, this is a type of brooch for men that will never go unnoticed. It features two glamorous brooches on both ends of a chain. You can clip this brooch onto two separate positions to display the sophisticated chains dangling between them. You can choose between a single chain or multiple ones that form a lovely trail of eye-catching diamonds, pearls, etc., depending on the occasion. Brooch chain is an imperial piece of jewelry as per many. It is quite commonly seen in the outfits of many great kings.

2. En Tremblant Brooch:

The French term translates into “to tremble”, named as such because, in this brooch, the diamond set pieces of main attractions are placed onto a piece of spring. This mount helps the brooch catch better lighting and sparkle a bit extra. Initially worn during the 18th and 19th centuries, this brooch for men is a classic that you should definitely splurge on. You can find these in a variety of designs or patterns that include statement pieces, animals, ethnic designs and more studded with extremely beautiful stones.

3. Aigrette Brooch:

Popularly worn Between the 17th and 20th centuries; this brooch for men gets its name from the popularity of bird’s feathers used for ornamentation purposes back when. True to its name; the design usually depicts a bird’s feathers blowing in a certain direction with each strand of the feather fashionably bejewelled with diamonds. Place them on a trembler to give the feathers a ruffled look when you walk.

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4. Foliate Brooch:

Used extensively to symbolize friendship and beauty, foliate brooches feature flowers, leaves and other natural element motifs. This is a type of brooch for men you cannot possibly go wrong with, the design often being quite minimalistic yet alluring. Often placed on gold-toned or silver-toned plating, foliate brooches are available in many different colors for a realistic and scenic portrayal. These are often studded with diamonds, Kundan, pearls and such.

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